September 17, 2009


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Deadmau5, For Lack of a Better Name
Ultra Records, Sept. 22

Sorry, but it’s time to dump a little sad on this Beatport superhero, and I promise that the totally hateful DRM on the promo disc has nothing to do with it.

But actually, it does. You know what it says when a label sends a highly anticipated album on a disc that can’t really be reviewed, because every 15 seconds some stuck-up German club-chick voices over a few unbelievably annoying syllables? It says, “You know, man, we really dig the nouns and verbs that occasionally get a few people to buy our albums, but we’re lily-livered corporate droids who think you might be a pirate.”

Meanwhile, this guy, Deadmau5.

Lots of old-rave electro sounds microwaved with half an underground hip-hopper’s ear (the kid looks like a frustrated backpacker anyways), hold me back and stuff, all aimed at that waste-of-air trust-fund-clubgoer crowd that’s quickly going the way of the flappers in their disgusting Crocs and Abercrombie. Yo, yo, Deadmau5, try something other than Hoover for a core sound, get the hateful dingbat off your promos, and then listen to some actual noise albums for inspiration. Until then, I refuse to tell these nice people how awesome “Hi Friend” is, and — say, why not put a few more “Hi Friends” on there instead of filling up the ENTIRE THING with a sound that’s so familiar it should be one of the choices on that Homedics gizmo that helps Grandpa sleep? C+ EWS