August 26, 2010


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Danzig, Deth Red Sabaoth
Evilive Records, June 22
Of course 55-year-old Glenn Danzig is still making album, what did you expect, he’s gonna deliver pizzas? This comparatively successful full-length firmly positions him as metal’s Iggy, never settling, exhibiting a starved-Doberman approach that runs deeper than we’ll ever know. Hearing these sloppily executed, raw metal dirges it’s as if nu-metal had never emerged to screw up everything (not that kids who are just discovering Iron Maiden and whatnot will feel this either, but that’s the beauty of any last vestige of true punkness in today’s Autotune-destroyed “scene”). Most of the record is made of slow doom (the coda of “Hammer of the Gods” is particularly stunning in its glowering Black Sabbath ferocity) with a few midtempo numbers propped up as vehicles for Prong guitarist Tommy Victor to show off his Randy Rhoads-influenced harmonic-pinching. One thing that sticks out is how much Offspring would sound like this if they didn’t have a record deal and smoked the right ganja. BEric W. Saeger