December 31, 2009


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DYSE, Lieder Sind Bruder Der Revolution
Exile On Mainstream Records, Nov. 24

On paper, this is a German response to Cro Mags, one hmm-that’s-somewhat-cool part stemming from the fact that this is a two-man operation, a welcome trend that historically took hold not so much out of any blind obeisance to White Stripes but more out of basic necessity and lack of agreeable cohorts. In practice, DYSE are like an undiscovered entry in the SST catalog or whatnot, something from when post-punk hated radio, i.e. there’s quite a bit of Nick Cave, Redd Kross and Minutemen in the air. Thing is, and this is a problem often heard in European bands, DYSE doesn’t seem fully possessed of that aura of genuine deconstructive craziness common to bands from the States or England, unless of course you’re German, in which case, sure, maybe they sound like they’re ready to smash wedding cakes or copy something they saw in an old Iggy video, whatever denotes crazy underground punk-tude nowadays (the fact that the bandleader lost his old sidekick to “furthering his education” — something raw-meat-slobbering bands like this simply don’t do — doesn’t quite summon visions of suicidal onstage mayhem, either). Pretty typical underground-record-store vibe. CEric W. Saeger