August 24, 2006


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DJ Starscream, The New Leader
N2O Records, 2006

Mosh pit electro-violence for Generation Ringtone. A paid-up full-timer with Slipknot, Starscream's off on his own here, out-name-dropping the entire rap universe and spreading N2O's gospel of mashup as successor to the hardcore throne. At this point the genre isn't as entry-level as he might like, especially as it will come off to buyers expecting sexy mash-blends of Will Smith into Whitesnake into Ludacris; it's more like underground-death-rapper into jungle into Pennywise, much of the rhythm held in the shaky grip of Bad Brains-speed breakbeats spewed from 808s set to puree. One could admittedly picture this stuff inspiring more coordinated outbreaks of slam-dancing (it's already a rage in Japan), and if this is truly the future of the pit, so be it, but just to be real for a second, the mixes could use some cleaning up — the dubs bend over backwards to sound cheap, which'd be fine if they weren't all yanked from turntables and other artificial means, thus there's seriously no need to front it as some diabolically clever rock and roll swindle, even more so since its antisocial pretexts ring up zero shock value. C+

— Eric W. Saeger

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