September 27, 2007


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DJ I.V., Fat & Saturated
self-released, Sept. 11
Time for one of those rants that always dooms its intents because nowadays people are so conditioned to being rebellious that they cut off nose to spite face automatically rather than thoughtfully.

In the end, it’s up to Manchester’s 20something population to scrounge up the energy needed to grow a decent local club scene. For a well-rounded weekend catering to a population this size (counting Nashuans with working cars), here’s utopia: three to four places that offer shows featuring original bands of all types, a similar number of techno/hip-hop dance joints, two punk/metal clubs slugging it out over the top-drawing local bands, and at least one anything-goes place where well-bred yuppies lounge with mohawked kids all digging world beats and other oddities. Yes, there are cover bands around, and that stuff is fun, but vegging on a bar stool watching a band trying to pull off a perfect imitation of a Van Morrison song is the same thing as watching VH1: One receives zero culture out of it.

I hadn’t intended to drag this DJ I.V. fellow into all this, but he’s someone the local scene needs to keep around (or at least clone before he accepts a major residency someplace). His resume has “workaholic” written all over it. Past resident on Saturdays at the Playhouse on Lansdowne Street in Boston. Prime mover at Club Sphere in Manchester. Club Oxygen Thursdays in the BBC in Saugus. Gigs in Chicago and Montreal, among other places. Runs a house music internet radio station ( Guest DJ at Club Liquid on Amherst Street. in Manchester. Wednesday nights at Bo’s Riverside Club on Commercial Street.

And so on, but on to the task at hand, I.V.’s newest mix. The Ripperton mix of “Tides” from Beanfield’s 2004 LP “Seek” is the roll-out track, a nice shot of chill-techno featuring the Dido-like bedroom-hair vocals of Bajka. Gui Boratto’s “Mr. Decay” has a buzzy low-end tagging along at first with its medium-deep house instrumental setup, and things go with that song’s somewhat minimalist angle for a good while. MyMy’s original mix of “Fast Freeze” is airier, more flighty and deeper than its predecessors on the comp, setting up Dan Daniel/Yvan’s club mix of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence,” a good touchstone for newbies. Overall it evokes a cross between King Britt’s usual vibe and Justin Martin’s last mix, a mite low-key for crazy whacky power-nap-takers like me. But this particular joint underscores just one angle of I.V.’s persona; he can assuredly bring the acid and rave on command. The entire 12-song mix is available for free at A-Eric W. Saeger