August 24, 2006


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Cherish, Unappreciated
Capitol Records, 2006

Giving mad props to sactascular honeys who don't feel cadillacin playaz frontin with wack grillz, for real, two times, the four babe-siblings of Cherish have herewith submitted a tuneful joker in the deck just in time for the Beyonce and LeToya war-what-war. Saucy little ghetto confections that they are, these toaster-ready snap-dance symphonies won't have your soccer mom buggin enough to interrupt your nail-polish-huffing party, and yo, you can even tell your pesky little sister it's Destiny's Child and she'll be all up in the monkey-pluckah. Furthermore, future Bridezillas, this lively laserdisc figuratively bursts with illustrative lyrical parables certain to aid in augmenting your social position as a human conundrum: one minute (the eponymous number) Hoodied Boyfriend forgot your anniversary and exhibits a roguish misconception of monogamy, the next ("Taken") you're the one be down with OPP. Melting glaciers and overstocked Baghdad morgues got you glumly goggling your hair straightener? Work that lacadonkadonk perspicaciously, girlfriend! B-

ó Eric W.¬†Saeger

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