September 7, 2006


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The Capitol Years, Dance Away the Terror
Park the Van Records, 2006

The mighty Hippo already has a couple-three hipster-hating wags in its bullpen who’d rip this album a new one on principle alone, but there’s plenty to hate here. The sole inch of new ground covered in this unmemorable glop of self-destructive notes consists of the lyrics of the title track, which boil down to a nu-mod rewording (or whatever, mocking) of Bush’s post-9/11 speeches: dance up, drinkers, and never mind the Terror Alert levels. More positive minds, such as those lazing in the skulls of politically retarded marketing majors whose dads foot the UNH bills for example, might be more prone to mutter a wounded “It’s just music” and go back to screwing with their dad-footed Blackberries, but they’re not the ones tasked with identifying Terror Threats To The National IQ. As for “it’s just music,” what sucks most about this record is that it’s a pain in the neck to listen to, as if the Eels had drunk a vat of Calcium-overdosing Minute Maid and become convinced that they’d invented the Raspberries and Tommy James and had a few sun-stroked, hazy, over-reverbed rough-sketches to prove it. And this too shall pass. D+

— Eric W. Saeger