May 18, 2006


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Big Bear, Big Bear
Monitor Records, 2006

Boston natives Big Bearís no-wave non-metal cacophony is as alienating as it is honest ó itís the sound of everything in life falling apart at once and the pieces being crushed under the wheels of the police cruiser thatís pulling in a little too late. Take your sickest male calc-metal shriek-a-maniac, give him an extra octave on top, pour a pot of scalding coffee on his head and you have Miss Jordyn Bonds pitching her monotone fits ó if her war-cry screaming were the slightest bit melodic itíd be Brian Johnson AC/DC redux. Not that the underlying guitar massacre would stand for it ó itís to calc-metal what the Boredoms are to shoegaze, a violent roughhousing of the trappings wherein the guitars are dumbed down in order to make it more accessible (cackle). If some of this sounds familiar, it isnít, which is mainly due to the fact that the riffs are molded from equal parts unschooled DIY and tightly wound guitar doubling, as though the biggest drunk at the party had picked up an axe for the first time and the result was multi-tracked by someone who thought it was God. B-

ó Eric W. Saegar

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