September 4, 2008


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Behrouz, Nervous Nitelife: Pure Behrouz NYC
Nervous Records, Sept. 9

One way for me to atone for not having written up Oscar G’s Nervous Nitelife: Miami – stomping, organic, blissful, essential collection of tribal house that it is – was to somehow survive this nearly-as-good mix thrown together by the top-dog DJ of Pacha Ibiza, a dance club you’re instantly familiar with if you’re young and have enough money to make normal rich people hate your guts.

2 CDs here, the first one leading off with King Street Crew’s old-school “Things U Do 2 Me,” a tiresome warmup that’s only missing a voiceover describing a Florida timeshare and sleepy videotape of golfing. Behrouz is, however, a cagey sort, and tends to throw in everything including the kitchen sink, so as the classic house sounds start to peter off (Equinox’ bigger, oddly hip-hoppish “Heavenly” is a brilliant next step after King Street) the caustic, Massive Attack-ized vocal from Manuel Tur and DPlay’s “Deviate” serves as a most logical change. The ensuing buildup erupts at Roberto Rodriguez’ “Camera Obscura,” its finger-snap rhythm slowly turning feral under a funky but agile soft-shoe stutter-step layer. Bingo Cache’s Jamaican-snake-god-worshipping “Dancin’” is a killer no matter who’s doing the rub, and Behrouz assigns it a rhythm that makes the seam completely invisible. B Eric W. Saeger