March 1, 2007


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Angelspit, Krankhaus
Dancing Ferret Records, 2007

Dear Dancing Ferret: thank you for sending the Cruxshadows CD last month. I wish you the very best of luck with that fine album, and truly foresee great things for the band. I hope that in some small way my positive review helped further their cause and that you’ll continue sending your fine products here for review. As for this Angelspit thingie, I first want to express my gratitude for the nifty pen in the shape of a syringe with the fake blood swimming magically in the chamber. The babes all want to hold it. As for the accompanying CD, I’m sure that a little honest criticism will only motivate you to keep me on your press list forever, so here goes. Ahem. I like Combichrist and industrial noise bands a lot, but this particular album sounds like two tattoo-poisoned shtups leading cheers for Team Suburbo-Teen Disaffection, kind of like what one would expect if Toni Basil’s Mickey had been a goth kid running the table on a game of Vampyr. You should tell Angelspit to listen to the actual music of the remix contributors (Combichrist and Stromkern), or, mo’ better, possibly break up. If you feel I inserted the disc into my player incorrectly, please advise. C- Eric W. Saeger