October 5, 2006


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American Heritage, Millenarian
Translation Loss Records, 2006

Although lyrically not a Classics Illustrated skew on Melville like Mastodonís Leviathan, this is sonically as good a clone as youíll probably get this fiscal quarter. Millenarian is likewise a walking tour of the Great Halls of Heavy, shifting into the gear of Kornís first album for the slow parts, Sabbath for the bliss-outs, Dimebag as directed. If you actually buy Kerrang for the text, itís important to note that these guys hang out with Mastodon whenever possible, and truth be told, theyíre better, if not on the strength of their organic riffing alone (they were an all-instrumental act for 6 years until their 2003 split-EP with Mastodon) then certainly that of their dueling singers, who morph from Joey Ramone to Crumbsuckers faster than you can say How Did I Wind Up in The Hospital With a Skinheadís Brains Splattered On My Forehead. Bonus points for seamlessly inserting Poindexter-metal time changes into the drone without getting all emo-dweeb about it. A-

ó Eric W. Saeger