October 9, 2008


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All Girl Summer Fun Band, Looking Into It
AGSFB Records, Sept. 23
Just in time for... ah, never mind. Garagey, surfy sub-shoegaze like this is what the speakers of your local Cool Record Store were made for, gentle, muffled, Peavey-powered hooks sung by a Go Gos with nary a budget, seemingly a bookworm-chick foursome trying to work off the random short-lived ogles of frat boys but in reality a Thing To Be Taken Seriously. The Portland, Oregon, band is led up in part by Jen Sbragia, who comprised half of the Softies, and by Kathy Foster, bassplayer for Sub Pop band The Thermals, who turned down 50 grand to have a song used in a Hummer commercial because the notion was “just evil.”

And so you see they’re good kids looking to be a little micro-bit bad, which is all that could possibly come from a bunch of non-mean girls trying to be Creedence fronted by Lisa Loeb, and there’s your gist. At 36 total minutes it’s nicely concentrated, allowing the hookier songs room to breathe (the barely Ramones-ish “Something New”; the unplugged, flute-decorated Softies-esque “Rewind”), not that any song makes one want to shove a live battery terminal into the CD player. B Eric W. Saeger