January 11, 2007


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Abigail Williams, Legend
Candlelight Records, 2007

On Feb. 5 at Mark’s Rock Club in Bedford, you’ll be able to hear live versions of the tunes from Abigail Williams’ new EP, a piquant froth of Bathory vocals over Necrophagist-like black-metal sturm und drang geared for kids who like their line-toeing McThrash on the crazy shrieky side. These Arizona sophisticates experimented with the formula for indie rock success, hiring a Hot Chick to play keys, but in a protective act of God she refuses to tour, so they’re sort of back to being a clutch of sweaty beer-men and hence can drop any pretense that they’re not out to sacrifice cats or whatever their trip is about. Like pretty much every band trying the “extreme metal” genre on for size these days, there are unexpected bolts of symphonic wisdom coming out of the synth department, but with Hot Chick out of the live picture the chances of their blowing Dark Funeral and/or Enslaved off the stage that night are slim to none, that is unless you personally want to volunteer your help and are a quick study – at this writing they’re advertising for a new synth player on their MySpace page (http://www.myspace.com/abigailwilliams). C+Eric W. Saeger