November 18, 2010


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Melodic metal of Manchester
Local band Eden's Lie release new double cd
By Michael Witthaus

Owing to a sound glitch in the microphones, Eden’s Lie is asked to perform their opening song a second time during a recent taping of Scorch’s PFG-TV. Lead singer Jeff Richards nods to the show’s producer and quickly counts off the band, which tears into it with a ferocity equal to the first run-through’s.

Opening the House of Doors
Songwriter's sophomore effort shines
By Michael Witthaus

Prior to beginning her second album, Amy Petty was something of a nervous wreck. Her 2008 debut, Mystery Keeps You, is a breathtaking work, full of soaring vocals and haunting, longing lyricism. That was the problem. The first record “was beautiful and perfect and exactly what I wanted it to be,” wrote Petty on her website. “I was pretty confident that I would never be able to create something like that again.”

NEWS: A full house on Tuesaday night
REVIEWS: New music in Nashua
PREVIEWS: Manchester Choral Society to sing "Songs of Travel"
by Jeff Rapsis

To listen to this week's songs, click on the link below

To listen to these artists, click on the links below

11/11/2010 Competitive Mindset
11/04/2010 Under the covers

11/04/2010 Trans-Siberian Orchestra's eternal story
11/04/2010 Michael Franti showers sunshine

10/28/2010 Stellar companions
10/28/2010 Full volume
10/21/2010 Going to nationals
10/21/2010 An old soul with new stories
10/14/2010 Vegas Temper getting airplay
10/14/2010 Lucid is a little like good lasagna
10/7/2010 Happy blues and sad blues
10/7/2010 Focus, focus, focus
9/30/2010 Superfrog goes to the moon with new album
9/30/2010 Putting the muse back into local music
9/23/2010 Slutty Pete's birthday blues
9/23/2010 No ordinary woman
9/16/2010 Lenny Clarke moves one
9/16/2010 Where the music meets
9/9/2010 A summer song
9/9/2010 The boy can play
9/2/2010 A burning love for the King
9/2/2010 Bringing back rock
8/26/2010 Familiar faces
8/26/2010 Round Cat is no square peg
8/19/2010 Local rockers rally for a friend
8/19/2010 The Wailin' Jennys
8/12/2010 It's not Shea Stadium ...
8/12/2010 Greenerpalooza!
8/5/2010 Music with a message
7/29/2010 Marc Cohn's favorite year
7/22/2010 What is folk?
7/22/2010 Old and bold
7/15/2010 Meet me in the Middle
7/8/2010 Huey Lewis — still beating
7/8/2010 Grown-up comedy
7/1/2010 Jerry's kids
7/1/2010 Fan-driven music
6/24/2010 Truffle al fresco
6/24/2010 Livingston Taylor: Class is in session
6/17/2010 Hurricane's over
6/17/2010 Worth the Waite
6/10/2010 Johnny Winter lays it all out
6/10/2010 Big Head Todd brings the islands back home
6/3/2010 Recycled Percussion comes home
6/3/2010 Gillian's monkey?
5/27/2010 Music in Milford
5/27/2010 Meadowbrook has a packed summer
5/20/2010 New Album for Jessica Prouty Band
5/20/2010 Thanks to James Cotton
5/13/2010 Thinking and drinking
5/13/2010 Roots of Creation get back to their roots
5/6/2010 Roots of Creation get back to their roots
4/29/2010 Not so secret anymore
4/22/2010 Making it with Craving Lucy
4/22/2010 Catch piano lounge vibe at Z
4/15/2010 Everything’s funny
4/15/2010 Mixing it up on the Dobro
4/8/2010 Native son
4/8/2010 Full speed ahead
4/1/2010 Professor punch line
4/1/2010 For Robbie Printz, the jokes just write themselves
3/25/2010 Haiti benefit at Milly’s
3/25/2010 Hard work pays off
3/18/2010 Rynborn reborn? Capitol City blues
3/18/2010 Metal morph
3/11/2010 On March 17, everybody’s Irish
3/11/2010 You are the lead singer
3/4/2010 Nini+Ben: A musical love story
3/4/2010 Lori McKenna moves back to indie
2/25/2010 Life in the Years reels em in
2/25/2010 Plug in and play
2/18/2010 From Lamont Smooth to Otis Jones
2/18/2010 The goddess of ha!r
2/11/2010 Valentine's Day is for lovers — and also not
2/11/2010 Amy Petty's year
2/4/2010 Love, sex and poetry
2/4/2010 Ramones' history, Blitzkrieg's present
1/28/2010 A shot of fame
1/28/2010 Without Paris covers all the bases
1/21/2010 Making Noyes
1/21/2010 Improv Wednesday at Estabrook
1/14/2010 A 40-year musical conversation
1/14/2010 A chat with Chris Squire
1/7/2010 Blues recruits
1/7/2010 The mindset to rock
12/31/2009 New albums and bigger spotlights
12/24/2009 Counting down
12/17/2009 Breakfast for everyone
12/17/2009 Whose song is it anyway?
12/10/2009 Sweet, hot and hoping for a holiday reunion
12/10/2009 Ben geyer — down to a science
12/3/2009 Comedy concept
12/3/2009 Winterbloom arrives
11/26/2009 A glass of wine and a serving of jazz
11/26/2009 Where beauty is skin deep
11/19/2009 Blues players lend a helping hand
11/19/2009 For Donna Jean, there's not time like now
11/12/2009 Night castle on tour
11/12/2009 Blind Lemon Aide does it for the heroes
11/5/2009 Comedy and conversation
11/5/2009 Squirrel Nut Zippers reunite
10/29/2009 Zero hour for Ground Zero?
10/29/2009 Vertical Horizon on tour
10/22/2009 Stories and songs
10/15/2009 John Eddie: Loud? Lowlife? Hardly
10/15/2009 Feel the love
10/08/2009 Music, pumpkins and local talent
10/08/2009 Peace, love & understanding
10/1/2009 'Junk rock' makes good
10/1/2009 Switch hitters
9/24/2009Vienna Teng's old soul
9/24/2009 Breaking through the tech
9/17/2009 Going up the country in Dover
9/17/2009 The joyous goth
9/10/2009 A run, a shave and a party
9/10/2009 From Rihanna to Reba
9/3/2009 Elvises (Elvii?) in Manch Vegas
9/3/2009 A musical romance
8/27/2009 Pop in on Tapedeck
8/27/2009 The summer deals
8/20/2009 Ian Hill on bass
8/20/2009 Playing it forward
8/13/2009 More room for country
8/13/2009 Lo Key has high hopes
8/6/2009 A taste of Tin Pan Alley
8/6/2009 Otto Kinzel IV goes solo
7/30/2009 New directions for Blues Traveler
7/30/2009 Around the world and back
7/23/2009 Food and folk
7/16/2009 Market Days (and nights) has music, too
7/9/2009 Live music on the lakes
7/9/2009 Girl with guitar
7/2/2009 'We want to make rock fun again'
7/2/2009 Good friends, good sound6/25/2009 Screaming like a ...
6/25/2009 Reborn
6/18/2009 Karen Morgan is "Legally Funny"
6/18/2009 Rock music, Christian lyrics6/11/2009 Jazz and Blues Fest moves indoors
6/11/2009 Slow ride
6/4/2009 When country met rock & roll
6/4/2009 Beneath the blue suburban skies
5/28/2009 A jamming space
5/28/2009 Thirsty for rock and roll
5/21/2009 Funny folk
5/21/2009 The reintroduction of JD
5/14/2009 Music of the sun
5/14/2009 Living room concerts5/7/2009 Cover band gets original
5/7/2009 Playing through the decades
4/30/2009 The original Streamline
4/30/2009 Music as medicine
4/23/2009 Doesn't have to wait
4/23/2009 Farewell, Flambeaux4/16/2009 Their duty to rock
4/16/2009 Rattle the scene
4/9/2009 10 years of brews and blues
4/9/2009 Video game dreams
4/2/2009 Step by step
4/2/2009 Heavy metal school
3/26/2009 Keeping their edge
3/26/2009 Black humor
3/19/2009 The beat goes on
3/19/2009 No contract, no problem
3/12/2009 Patty all night
3/12/2009 An Irish invasion
3/5/2009 Legally hilarious
3/5/2009 Old Abram Brown dives into Winter
2/26/2009 The Dailey show
2/26/2009 The catchy blues
2/19/2009 Two sides of the coin
2/19/2009 Time to spare
2/12/2009 A natural harmony
2/12/2009 The sound factory
2/5/2009 Music and dogsleds
2/5/2009 Highly suggestive
1/29/2009 See the game, eat snacks
1/29/2009 Swagger and growl
1/22/2009 Sing with the band
1/22/2009 On tour with Calico
1/15/2009 When honey meets granite1/15/2009 The 30-day song challenge
1/8/2009 Putting the fun in fundraising
1/8/2009 The guitar gypsy
1/1/2009 Grab your noisemaker and pop your cork
1/1/2009 An acoustic New Year's12/25/2008 Grab your noisemaker and pop your cork
12/25/2008 An acoustic New Year's12/18/2008 Creating a six-string tradition
12/18/2008 Love underthe disco ball
12/11/2008 Tapping into the positive
12/11/2008 70 albums beyond "Felix Navidad"
12/04/2008 Life after 'Hell'
12/04/2008 Insane in the membrane
11/27/2008 Quartet with a twist
11/27/2008 New Age oldie
11/20/2008 Sunny fiuture for doom metal band
11/20/2008 Two days in the grass11/13/2008 Songs of protest, songs of power
11/13/2008 Following up the Thing in Spring
11/06/2008 Rock to sink your teeth into
11/06/2008 Rap with reason
10/30/2008 Born into her destiny10/30/2008 Echoes of the Dead10/23/2008 The art of the tease10/23/2008 A soldier, a saint, an ocean explorer
10/16/2008 Opening up the skies10/16/2008 Rock and roll legends still ready to rock
10/9/2008Welcome to Mr. Zanes’ neighborhood
10/9/2008Faith in the music and the message
10/2/08 Pumpkins, magic and music for all
10/2/08 Back to the 1920s with tongue in cheek
9/25/08 The sincerest form of flattery
9/25/08 Slower nights?
9/18/08 celebrating 30 years of jazz at UNH
9/18/08 From south of the equator
9/11/08 Stone Church debt proves too heavy
9/11/08 Reggae to party to
9/4/08 Bluegrass untamed
9/4/08 Face melting rock and roll, from the kids
8/28/08 64 bands on eight stages
8/28/08 Finding a place for the kids to play
8/21/08 Got the too-many-brews-to-choose-from blues
8/21/08 Two days of free folk music
8/14/08 Following the Verbs
8/14/08 T.G.I.T.
8/7/08 Hancock towers
8/7/08 Dancing to the Afro beats
7/31/08 Hot air and hot music
7/31/08 deSoL will sing it all night
7/24/08 World of folk in Lowell
7/24/08 Roller derby roll-out
7/17/08 King Wilkie: Less of the same
7/17/08 Celebrating a year of funny
7/10/08 After a long hiatus, a singer-songwriter returns
7/10/08 Ollabelle mixes sounds of country and city
7/3/08 Granite State means hip-hop
7/3/08 He's a ramblin man
6/26/08 Making a dry Martini
6/26/08 The next big thing (needs a ride to the show)
6/19/08 Stone Church needs sanctuary
6/19/08 Busking with kazoos
6/12/08 Buckets and sticks, really loud
6/12/08 Ali Beaudry's wicked webs
6/5/08 Let them entertain you
6/5/08 Melvins stomping voodoo
5/29/08 Everybody dance now
5/29/08 Hey—this is somewhere!
5/22/08 A life of blues
5/22/08 Meet the King of Slide Guitar
5/15/08 Eat, drink and chill outdoors
5/15/08 Stories and strings
5/8/08 He's got the nice guy blues
5/8/08 Another round of Firepower
5/1/08 Dancing in the streets
5/1/08 Starbucks soundtrack changes at night
4/24/08 Finding the music in a wider world
4/24/08 Gypsy jazz at the Farm
4/17/08 From Idaho with love
4/17/08 A Ph.D. in flute
4/10/08 Ready to (pop) rock
4/10/08 The traditional flute player
4/3/08 Family, money, life — poast-goat
4/3/08 Building the crowds
3/27/08 Sorta bluegrass
3/27/08 Hold your horses
3/20/08 White-hot foosball action
3/20/08 Representing for Northeast hip-hop
3/13/08 Find the Irish in you?
3/13/08 Brian Regan cleans up
3/06/08 The $24,000 drink
3/06/08 Help for a fellow funnyman
2/28/08 The brand new same old Ani
2/28/08 On the Scene: Jazz uncovered
2/21/08 Flaming electric harp
2/21/08 Ground zero for rock that uplifts
2/14/08 20-year-old jazz prodigy tours
2/14/08 Eats drinks, dancing and sports
2/7/08 Still rocking our but with a mature sound
2/7/08 A Valentine's night out
1/31/08 Funkfoot wiggles its toes
1/31/08 Metal on the move
1/24/08 Ready in 10 is ready now
1/24/08 Cadillacs back on the road
1/17/08 Who's the greatest Guitar Hero
1/17/08 Country palooza
1/10/08 A lethal dose of rock
1/10/08 Are you jammer material?
1/3/08 Living the metalcore fairy tale
1/3/08 Still keeping the party going
12/27/07 Where to be when midnight strikes
12/27/07 Where to watch the game
12/20/07 Going black tie
12/20/07 Jam on Monday
12/13/07 Fighting words
12/13/07 Haute trashion
12/6/07 Jonathan Scott: making Manch country
12/6/07 Five bands, one night
11/29/07 Let the music happen
11/29/07 Locally grown be-bop
11/22/07 New era in music, again
11/22/07 Local album lights up
11/15/07 Going where the piano leads
11/15/07 Rude renewed
11/8/07 Stockbridge presents — on its own
11/8/07 Last night at the Uptown
11/1/07 deSoL brightens Manchester
11/1/07 Tito and tutus
10/25/07 deSoL brightens Manchester
10/25/07 Tito and tutus
10/18/07 Saying farwell to the Uptown
10/18/07 Sharing the sound
10/11/07 Suggestions from the audience
10/11/07 Bringing in the bands
10/04/2007 Are you a skater girl?
10/04/2007 Bands galore at 2nd annual FIREFest
9/27/2007 Young soloist gets gigs
9/27/2007 They're so heavy
9/20/2007 FIREfest doubles the fun
9/20/2007 A guitar, a keyboard, a drumset
9/13/2007 Birthdays and Bahama
9/13/2007 Dark Americana indie folk
9/6/2007 Bringing musica of the 'real one' north
9/6/2007 Slow but steady
8/30/2007 He's got the funk
8/30/2007 T-shirt based world aid
8/23/2007 Learn to pick, grin
8/23/2007 On drums, everywhere
8/16/2007 Learn to pick, grin
8/16/2007 Going for it'
8/9/2007 Voiceovers, solo albums, PB & bacon
8/9/2007 Mr. Bogois meets 'Mr. Jones'
8/2/2007 Five years of blues
8/2/2007 Catch the Grift
7/26/2007 Revolution-era house offers old and new
7/26/2007 Pop rock, with a side of metal
7/19/2007 Billy Sheehan, Doug Pinnick on bass
7/19/2007 Hey there food court
7/12/2007 P-Nut explains 311
7/12/2007 Still keeping it smooth
7/5/2007 Give it up for the other bands
7/5/2007 Music lover's mash-up
6/28/2007 New Hampshire is a little bit country
6/28/2007 Hip-hop comes to Concord
6/21/2007 Cruefest lives
6/21/2007 Rocking the Wal-Mart
6/14/2007 Hot tunes on Hanover Street
6/14/2007 Festival beyond the music
6/7/2007 Progressive roots rock with a bit of 'Crazy'
6/7/2007 Jazz-inspired pop, with horn section
5/31/2007 In a dangerous time
5/31/2007 Introducing 'metalodic rock'
5/24/2007 Soca in SoNH
5/24/2007 'Royal poet of Manch'
5/17/2007 New life on Queen City Ave
5/17/2007 Keeping it clean
5/10/2007 Finger work
5/10/2007 Taking the party to the people
5/3/2007 Pop kids
5/3/2007 The kids get jazz
4/26/2007 Hometown favorite has versatile vocals
4/26/2007 Full Tilt is full of energy
4/19/2007 'ne musician, one guitar
4/19/2007 Album first, then fans
4/12/2007 'Generation Rx' fever
4/12/2007 Saying goodbye to Robin
4/5/2007 Milford Idol
4/5/2007 The girls can rock
3/29/2007 Rockin' country/countrified rock
3/29/2007 Making rock stars
3/22/2007 Letting the kids play
3/22/2007 Meet Mr. Sexyback
3/15/2007 Gentleman penguin farmer
3/15/2007 Double your Irish
3/8/2007 Manchester gets another Irish pub
3/8/2007 Helping out Rev. Cannibal Chicken
3/1/2007 Dining with your dancing
3/1/2007 Filth gets around
2/22/2007 Drums, beware
2/22/2007 Hip-hop, relaxed
2/15/2007 Not afraid of the mandolin
2/15/2007 Club Nashua
2/8/2007 Rocking you acoustically
2/8/2007 Just the good parts
2/1/2007 Hip-hop is not dead
2/1/2007 Musical army of one
1/25/2007 Loud music and much more
1/25/2007 The nation is listening
1/18/2007 A new breed of funk
1/18/2007 Connecting bands to fans
1/11/2007 Something strangely familiar
1/11/2007 Rattling the cage
1/4/2007 Moe's Haven presents Manchester
1/4/2007 Small band. big funk
12/28/2006 Party into next year
12/28/2006 Raining CDs in 2007
12/21/2006 Royalty of the 603
12/21/2006 New Year's resolution: No more 80s
12/14/2006 Slam Poetry finally gerts a team NH
12/14/2006 Radio free NE
12/07/2006 More than the one-word song
12/07/2006 The Lizards are everywhere
11/30/2006 Spanish music with an Arabic flavor
11/30/2006 Soakin' in the sound
11/23/2006 Brimmer goes Supernova-ish
11/23/2006 Holiday rock opera with lasers
11/16/2006 An all-chick show
11/16/2006 'Dynamic pop rock'
11/9/2006 Whole lotta drama
11/9/2006 One man ISO band
11/2/2006 Return of the class clown
11/2/2006 Ameranouche's gypsy jazz
10/26/2006 Tiff on the piano
10/26/2006 Two days, 30-plus bands
10/19/2006 Three days of face-melting metal
10/19/2006 In the Mike business
10/12/2006 Bloody rock band
10/12/2006 Jazz men
10/05/2006 Latin/soul/R&B/hip-hop/acoustic rock show
10/05/2006 reunion and goodbye
09/28/2006 'The Whistler' on flute
09/28/2006 Meet the Tides
09/21/2006 Doing business, hip-hop style
09/21/2006 Generating heat
09/14/2006 High on energy
09/14/2006 They're here all fall
09/07/2006 Play with Randozz
09/07/2006 Singing, drinking and weeding
08/31/2006 Staind wants its due
08/31/2006 Travel the world in Lowell
08/24/2006 Mr. Dancehall speaks
08/24/2006 Hard working mama
08/17/2006 Get into garage
08/17/2006 Flavors of kiwi
08/10/2006 Jamie's musical experiment
08/10/2006 Crazy Jane, hard workers
08/03/2006 Spiderbite hits double digits
08/03/2006 Project Goth star
07/27/2006 An uneasy relationship between clubs, booze
07/27/2006 From polka to bluegrass to Vietnamese eats
07/20/2006 A complicated individual
07/20/2006 Married to music
07/13/2006 Manchester's own Rock Star
07/13/2006 Poker and bikes, for a cause
07/06/2006 From karaoke to album
07/06/2006 Rock wunderkind
06/29/2006 Rhumba and foxtrot, veggies and dip
06/29/2006 Can't slow down the Stack
06/22/2006 Be a good neighbor
06/22/2006 Saying goodbye to all thsoe burritos
06/15/2006 Granite State finds its voice on the Edge
06/15/2006 Christian rock is how we roll
06/08/2006 Farewell, Ted Hebert
06/08/2006 Sleeping with strangers and bandmates
06/01/2006 We're still here!
06/01/2006 My name is Luka
05/25/2006 Sky Show pays tribute to rock and roll
05/25/2006 Win a date witha waitress
05/18/2006 Milling out the music
05/18/2006 Dancing without a liscense
05/11/2006 Dreaming about Alaska
05/11/2006 Up and down again
05/04/2006 Jazz and Red Sox at the J
05/04/2006 Get a girl and learn to dance
04/27/2006 Meet Virginia in New Hampshire
04/27/2006 Hand in hand on Hammond
04/20/2006 You're so lame ...
04/20/2006 Saying good-bye to Hi-Fi
04/13/2006 Getting schooled by a BusBoy
04/13/2006 Bach in a box
04/06/2006 Rage in the cage
04/06/2006 Rockin' at Rocko's
03/30/2006 So, you think you're funny ...
03/30/2006 The Wickedness of Jada Pinkett Smith
03/23/2006 Welcome to the hall of records
03/23/2006 Iceman of steel
03/16/2006 KISS army unites
03/16/2006 Face to face with TnA
03/09/2006 Celebrating soul, Dublin style
03/09/2006 Tossed salads, egotistical giants and real blood
03/02/2006 Jamie Dominic: The next big thing?
03/02/2006 Aerosmith rocks the Verizon Arena
02/23/2006 Beats, beads and breasts

02/23/2006 Taking nothing to the extreme
02/16/2006 Breaking down breakdancing
02/16/2006 A battle is brewing
02/09/2006 Pit stop for hip-hop
02/09/2006 The Jazz man speaks
02/09/2006 Classical: From Russia with updating
02/02/2006 Classical: Nashua Symphony to perform
02/02/2006 Classical: Bach's 'Well Tempered Clavier' in Concord
02/02/2006 Classical: Mozart's birthday bash in Concord
02/02/2006 Nite: Abba Cadabara
02/02/2006 Nite: U-God's kung-fu not strong enough
01/26/2006 Classical: Philharmonic Chamber Players at Currier
01/26/2006 Classical: All-Mozart concert in Concord
01/26/2006 Classical: Nashua Philharmonic stages family concerts
01/26/2006 Classical : Granite Stae Opera stages Oscar Wilde workshop
01/26/2006 Nite: Murder at Del Vaudo's
01/26/2006 Nite: Catch the live vibe
01/19/2006 Classical: Something Wilde
01/19/2006 Nite: Making a Tree Sing
01/12/2006 Classical: Win Tickets!
01/12/2006 Nite: A.K.A. can really pay
01/05/2006 Classical: Lend them your ears
01/05/2006 Nite: Predicting the future
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