High-tech NH
Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be English majors
By Heidi Masek hmasek@hippopress.com

Tourism is a big part of the New Hampshire economy, but it’s not the only one. And while there might be hundreds of artisans in the state, crafts aren’t the only thing made here. The high-tech sector is one that provides much better jobs than, say, retail. It also can create significant revenue for the state. New Hampshire is working to keep it that way.

Art: Andy Warhol's world leaders
By Heidi Masek hmasek@hippopress.com

When the Currier Museum of Art acquired the Warhol “Flash” portfolio, they wanted to build an exhibition around it. “Flash – November 22, 1963” consists of 11 screenprints that Andy Warhol created five years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Warhol’s prints were based on related news images, and this is the only work by Warhol to depict President Kennedy.

People: Following Rule
By Jeff Mucciarone jmucciarone@hippopress.com

Rebecca Rule has spent much of her life telling, collecting and writing New Hampshire stories — most with a humorous touch, to say the least. In her latest book, Live Free and Eat Pie: A Storyteller’s Guide to New Hampshire, the 54-year-old Boscawen resident delves into state history, local events and the quirks of the Granite State. Calling herself a storyteller who used to be a writer, Rule is perhaps best-known for her live performances.

Longshots: Observations on baseball in 2008
By Dave Long

With baseball’s regular season drawing to a close, here are a few observations about what I think was a pretty interesting year.

Food: Buy a bowl, feed the hungry
By Linda A. Thompson-Odum food@hippopress.com

Fill a bowl to help fill the empty bowls of others. New Horizons will host their annual Empty Bowls event on Sunday, Sept. 28, at Brookside Congregational Church in Manchester to raise funds for their hunger relief efforts. It is part of the national Empty Bowls project started with the goal that there should be no empty bowls in the world.

Techie: Unified Gadget Theory
By John “jaQ” Andrews  jandrews@hippopress.com

When the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland came online Sept. 10, the world did not end. Microscopic black holes, despite the fears of naysayers, did not erupt from the world’s biggest particle accelerator to swallow the Earth whole.

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