The other blockbuster season
The Oscar hopefuls! Festivals! Fall film series! Local movies making good! Local movies doing good!

Movies (or, as they’re called in the fall, “films”) aren’t only for summer.

At the mainstream cinemas, serious Oscar contenders will replace the big budget summer action and comedy fare. Locally, film festivals fill the schedule in September, October and November and ongoing film series offer even more reasons to spend your autumn in the dark. But not all movies are about big crowds and big box office — some local filmmakers are focusing on getting themselves noticed or on helping out a good cause. If you thought the end of summer meant fewer reasons to head to a theater, check out the next few pages for oodles of films to keep you in popcorn for the next few months.

Theater: Stage Sports
By Heidi Masek

Community theater companies that are willing to hear what professionals have to say about them have the chance to show off each fall. They can bring something new, or pull from one of their full productions to compete in the New Hampshire Festival of Community Theatre.

People: Reporting on Jamie Tarabay
By Jeff Mucciarone

National Public Radio’s Jamie Tarabay has seen and heard a lot during her nine years as a foreign correspondent, including two years as bureau chief in Baghdad. Reporting from the front lines, the Australian-born Tarabay has seen herself in the middle of some of the world’s most dangerous military areas. She is now back in the United States working on a reporting project about Muslim culture in the United States. Tarabay, who grew up in Sydney, Berlin and Beirut, has a B.A. in Government and French from the University of Sydney. Tarabay will be in New Hampshire Sept. 25 at the Currier Museum of Art’s auditorium in Manchester at 6 p.m., where she will take questions from the audience and from New Hampshire Public Radio’s Virginia Prescott. The session is free but people interested in attending are asked to call 223-2450 or visit to reserve a spot.

Longshots: If I were a QB, a DB, a stat geek or a soccer mom
By Dave Long

I don’t’ know about you, but when I was a kid I used to wonder what it would be like to be someone else. You know, like Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra, John Lennon, Bill Bradley and especially Julius Erving — as I would have loved to jump that high and be able to palm a basketball like it was a grapefruit. And I know this sounds dumb, but I even wondered what my name might be if I could change it to something else.

Food: Oktoberfest — for a cause
By Linda A. Thompson-Odum

Lots of beer, good food and lively music — all for a good cause. That’s what guests will find on Saturday, Sept. 20, at the New Hampshire Food Bank’s Oktoberfest at McIntyre Ski Area.

Techie: The Little MerChrome
By John “jaQ” Andrews

Last week, I joined thousands of nerd pundits giving you my first impressions of Chrome, the Web browser put out by Google. Since the browser is still in its beta stage, it’s not really fair to expect it to be performing at the level of Firefox or Internet Explorer quite yet. What’s more important is to take a look at Google’s ambitions with the project.

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