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LEGOs, rockets, credit unions and synthesizers
A look at our strange and fascinating museums
By Adam Coughlin

Manchester’s Millyard history, Canterbury’s Shakers, dinosaurs — these and more are the subjects of area museums.

ARTS: Meet Van McLeod, cultural resources guy
The view from the center of New Hampshire’s art scene
By Adam Coughlin

Former Governor Judd Gregg asked Van McLeod to become Commissioner of the Cultural Resources Department in 1992. The self-described old film and theater producer has been there even since, sitting through five administrations.

FOOD: Lamb on the grill, lamb on the skewer
Plus pastries, meatballs, sausage and more at Saint Nicholas
By Madeleine Staub

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Manchester will hold its annual lamb barbecue on Saturday, June 19, from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Lamb is only one of the many Greek foods served at the event, which serves as the church’s main fundraiser for the year.

LONGSHOTS: NBA Finals schedule causing reporting issues
by Dave Long

Well, I’m stuck in the same dilemma as last week. We’re in the middle of an NBA Finals with the Celtics in it, and I have to write a column a day before Game 6 will be played, but my column won’t hit the streets until a day after it’s played.

Dork vs. Dork: Jonah Hex
’Cause what we needed was another stab at the post-modern fantasy Western
By Glenn Given and Dan Szczesny

Jonah Hex. Sigh. I know that DC was hoping to draw down more gritty charismatic lightning to its film adaptations (a la the from-left-field goodness of 2005’s Constantine), but Jonah Hex could never make narrative sparks fly.

PEOPLE: Just ducky
Richard Magie helps waterfowl keep their homes
By Jeff Mucciarone

Richard Magie was recently elected regional vice president on the national board of directors for Ducks Unlimited (, an organization focused on preserving habitat for waterfowl. The organization was established in 1937 and has conserved more than 12 million acres. Recently retired, Magie, a Bedford resident, worked in the Army for 26 years and then at Fidelity Investments for more than eight years.

TECHIE: Hubba hubba
Decorate your desk with USB hubs
By John “jaQ” Andrews

If you thought USB flash drives came in lots of crazy shapes, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The creative canvas gets bigger with USB hubs, so the craziness comes out even more.

June 10, 2010

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