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These are the people in your neighborhood
10 years of conversations

For years now, Hippo has run weekly Q&As — with candidates for public office, authors, downtown boosters, business people, people who have gone on journeys or achieved interesting goals and even the occasional psychic.

These conversations offer a different way to get to know the people in our community. And occasionally, we’ve even sat down with some for longer interviews — conversations not just about the news of the moment but also about the past and the issues that matter to someone who has played a role in state politics or spent a lifetime entertaining audiences.

ARTS: Turn the art around
Expert advises leadership, innovation
By Adam Coughlin

The best way for a struggling arts organization to revitalize itself is not by cutting programs, according to the president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., but instead to focus on offering unique and innovative art because donors will choose to fund organizations that are vital and offering more to the community.

PEOPLE: Putting brakes on books
English professor says slow down
By Jeff Mucciarone

Are you reading this too quickly? University of New Hampshire English professor Thomas Newkirk believes that readers get greater enjoyment and comprehension when they read slowly. His recent article “The Case for Slow Reading” in Education Leadership has gotten wide attention. He is also the author of the books Misreading Masculinity: Boys, Literacy, and Popular Culture (2002) and Holding on to Good Ideas in a Time of Bad Ones: Six Literacy Principles Worth Fighting For (2009).

LONGSHOTS: Danny’s next trick needs to be pulling a rabbit out of his hat
by Dave Long

Ever parked your car on the street leaving plenty of room in front and back to get out later, but when you came back you have about three inches of clearance on either side? The only way to get out of that tight fit is to inch forward and back about 100 times to get your car free.

FOOD: It’s pizza from Portland
Former Merrimack Restaurant spot gets new life
By Madeleine Staub

The Portland Pie Company takes pizza very seriously.

The Maine-based company recently opened a pizzeria in the former home of the famed Merrimack Restaurant in downtown Manchester.

Dork vs. Dork: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Glenn is ‘on’ Team Jacob; Dan ‘supports’ Team Edward. (What, no mummies?)
By Glenn Given and Dan Szczesny

There is but one scientific certainty that I know: werewolves are far, far better than vampires. Werewolves have a longer historical record than vampires. They are referenced in the Satyricon from 60AD and the founders of Rome were probably werewolves when you think about it. When was the earliest vampire story? Oh, what was that? The mid-17th century? Werewolves have two millennia of kicking ass and taking names all over Western history. Also, werewolves aren’t Native American “yah” dudes who never discovered the T-shirt; they are dudes who turn into half-man half-wolf monsters, come to your house and wreck up the place. Silver bullets don’t stop them, buddy; that is a myth introduced in early 20th-century retelling of the French Beast of Gévaudan tale, and was added to make something French seem tough.

TECH: When will tech cost more?
I yuan, you yuan, we all yuan a floating yuan
By John “jaQ” Andrews

The economic news was abuzz recently with the announcement that China will allow its currency, the yuan, to float.

June 24, 2010

June 17, 2010


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