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Face-pounding, bone-crushing gentlemanly sport
Mixed martial arts draws a Crowd and maybe some respect
By Adam Coughlin

Lowell Zangri fights for a dream in the basement of the YMCA of Greater Londonderry, just off Route 28. The basement is humid, the walls decorated with faded paintings of burgers, and the locker room is a choice between a storage closet and the stall in the men’s room.

PEOPLE: Horse race
Matthew Gatsas in front
By Jeff Mucciarone

Matthew Gatsas, 33, who owns Sovereign Stable in Manchester and whose uncle works over at City Hall in Manchester, was recently named to the first “40 under 40” list put out by Thoroughbred Times racing magazine. Gatsas managed his family’s racing stable before forming Sovereign Stable in 2001. Visit

ART: Galleries cooperating
Venues put their best art forward for Open Doors
By Adam Coughlin

On July 22, as the trolleys circle around downtown Manchester, they will be doing more than simply bringing patrons to the city’s galleries. They will have brought the arts community together.

LONGSHOTS: James gang steals the show
by Dave Long

We’ve had a few days to reflect on the insanity of the Lebron James spectacle, so what do we all think of it now? There’s a few things I’m ambivalent about. A few others I’m hazy on and there’s a few things I’m crystal clear on regarding his joining D-Wade and C-Bosh in Miami next year.

FOOD: Mexican in Manch
Begy’s Taquería is bigger than it looks
By Madeleine Staub

Begy’s Taquería, a new Mexican restaurant in Manchester, opened about two months ago. Co-owners Joel Amador and Jose Garcia are new to the restaurant business but look forward to sharing their food with the greater Manchester area.

TECH: Memory game
You may have already won
By John “jaQ” Andrews

It’s not often that I’m handed a topic on a silver platter, but there I was, innocently reading a Sunday magazine, when it suddenly appeared.

Dork vs. Dork: Inception
If this is a dream then why do I have pants on?
By Glenn Given 
and Dan Szczesny

If you want to see a truly great film regarding dream invasion, get yourself a copy of the George Wendt, Christopher Plummer, Dennis Quaid psychic espionage and giant snake-man flick Dreamscape. When it comes to dream-skipping action intrigue that’s the best of them, and frankly, it ain’t much

July 8, 2010

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