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Common objects, uncommon art
How X-acto knives, children’s clay and other everyday stuff inspired local artists
By Adam Coughlin

There is usually a crowd surrounding Tom Worcester. This day is no different. The early August sun beats down as Worcester chats with a group of people. With his gruff voice, tattooed arms and bandana, Worcester looks like a tough character. But his smile betrays his rough exterior. He loves his job. And he is about to go to work.

PEOPLE: The September Project
Reading Afghan women’s stories aloud
By Jeff Mucciarone

As it has for the past five years, Goffstown Public Library (2 High St., 497-2102) is hosting the September Project, which grew nationally out of the 9/11 attacks. The library remained open for 24 hours on Sept. 11 and hosted a candlelight vigil earlier this month. It will host a free public event, Out of Silence, which entails theatrical readings of stories and poems by Afghan women Sept. 30 at 6:30 p.m. Visit Sandy Whipple coordinates adult services and outreach at the library.

THEATER: City boys, small-town boys
Actors briefly alter lives for Altar Boyz
Adam Coughlin

Altar Boyz, which premieres at the Palace Theatre on Friday, Sept. 24, is a musical comedy about five small-town boys — Luke, Mathew, Mark, Juan and Abraham — who decide the best way to save the world is to form a boy band and sing songs like “You Make Me Want to Wait.” But unlike their fictional counterparts, the actors in the musical come from a very big city and want to improve your theater experience by sharing life behind the scenes.

LONGSHOTS: Sanchez and Ellsbury linked by local hysteria
By Dave Long

Time to empty out the thoughts collecting in my cluttered mind.

Since I’m more biased than the fair and balanced network when it comes to college football, my number-one team in the land is Chip Kelly’s Oregon, I can’t remember if it’s Ducks or Beavers — but I’ll get an e-mail from brother Keith Kelly straightening me out on that.

FOOD: Vegetarian: ‘not as scary as it sounds’
It’s easier than ever to eat out and eat veggie
By Angel Roy

Local restaurants are boasting unique all-veggie menu items that they say will even satisfy the appetites of most meat-lovers.

TECHIE: Netbooks under $100
Oh, you better believe there’s a catch
By John Andrews

The catch is that they suck.*

The pitch is, OMG, a computer for really cheap! And with the way computers have been divebombing in price for years, it’s really not that astonishing that a serviceable computer might finally appear at that magical two-digit price point.

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