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Have a Wicked Awesome Halloween
Your guide to the fun

Candy, costumes, a chance to act silly, no pressure to make a feast or buy gifts — Halloween might just be the best fall holiday.

Whether you’re a kid looking forward to a big trick-or-treat haul or an older Halloween fan looking to head out on the town to show off your wacky costume, we’ve got a spooky or silly event for you.

PEOPLE: Dennis Lehane at Midnight
Gone, Baby, Gone detectives are back, baby, back

Award-winning author Dennis Lehane said Patrick Kenzie and Angela Genarro came knocking on his door and so Lehane’s readers now get Midnight Mile, a sequel to Gone Baby Gone, which has since been made into a feature film. (Lehane’s Mystic River and Shutter Island also became films.) Kenzie and Genarro are the private investigators in several of Lehane’s novels. Midnight Mile is slated for release Tuesday, Nov. 2. As part of Gibson’s Bookstore’s Writers in the Spotlight series, Lehane will be in Concord at the Capitol Center for the Arts, 44 South Main St., on Wednesday, Nov. 3, at 7 p.m. It’s the first stop on his Midnight Mile book tour. Lehane, who hails from Dorchester, Mass., took a few minutes out to chat with the Hippo. Visit

ART: Hear it, see it
"Poetry and Art" shows creative connections
By Adam Coughlin

Potter Robert Roy always loved the flow and undulation of the Eagles song “I Love to Watch a Woman Dance.” But it wasn’t until he participated in a new exhibit at East Colony Fine Art that he was able to look at one of his large, open bowls with a repetitive pattern and see the music in his own work.

LONGSHOTS: Heat on Miami as NBA season kicks off this week
By Dave Long

The NBA comes your way this week with all sorts of interesting storylines. Especially locally, which for the Celtics started Tuesday against you know who and the Heat, in what many are saying was the most anticipated opening day in NBA history.

FOOD: Pumpkin, sweet and savory
Tough year in the field, but gourds are still tasty
By Angel Roy

One can only assume that Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, the questionable husband of nursery rhyme fame, favored sugar pumpkins, as farm staff and local chefs say those are best for cooking. Hopefully he kept his wife in one as well, as their hearty, thick, rot-resistant skin would have kept her warm in the winter months.

TECH: Appy Alloween
Dress up as a dork this year
By John Andrews

OK, let’s see if this train of thought makes sense. Halloween candy is dessert, right? Dessert comes after meals. What comes before meals? Appetizers, you say? And how might you abbreviate the word “appetizers”?

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