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We’re already feeling lucky
Once again politicians talk about gambling, but New Hampshire already offers a lot of chances to win

Expanded gambling talk is back.

The last serious stab at allowing slot machines in some locations in the state failed only six months ago, but now supporters of expanded gaming are once again trying to make their case.

PEOPLE: On death
Views on the subject here and in Mexico

Nadia Kalhori, a senior at Suffolk University in Boston who lives in Hollis, has studied perceptions of death in Mexico and the northeastern United States. She’ll be hosting a series of presentations on her findings in southern New Hampshire in the coming week, together with presentations by her research advisor on cultural immersion in Mexico.

THEATER: Celebrity returns
Rachel Dratch among the readers of Autobiography
Adam Coughlin

Next time you’re at the grocery store, scan the magazine rack. People. US Weekly. OK!. In Touch Weekly. Entertainment Weekly. Americans sure love their celebrities. But while stars get coffee and pick their kids up from school just like us, what do we really know about these famous people? Not much. What better way to find out than to hear their lives in their own words?

LONGSHOTS: Greatest deep threat in the history of the universe gathers no Moss
By Dave Long

Whew!!!! Sure am glad the Patriots were actually able to complete a pass in that game with the Ravens on Sunday. With all the chatter after the departure of Randy Moss, I was really wondering if they’d ever get one again without him there to command double teams and stretch the field. Whew!

FOOD: Special sauce and steamed buns
Dim Sum every day at Sunshine Oriental
By Angel Roy

Each wall in the dining room boasts a bold color — yellow, orange, blue.

TECH: Ads ruin everything
Except free newspapers, they're cool
By John Andrews

The Internet has let me down.

Specifically, Facebook. More specifically, a group I joined several months ago. A group called, “MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON.” Yes, all in capital letters.

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