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Popcorn season
Summer 2010 at the movies
By Amy Diaz

Reboots, sequels, adaptations of everything from a comic strip to a TV show that went off the air before most of today’s college students were born — this is shaping up to be a summer of familiarity at the box office.

THEATER: From screen to stage
Theater companies seeking stories turn to the movies
Adam Coughlin

If you can’t get enough of your favorite movie, there is a very good chance in a few months it will be coming to a theater near you — a performing arts theater. A relatively new trend in Broadway has trickled down to community theaters and has many local productions going Hollywood.


Dork vs. Dork: Robin Hood
*SPOILER* Russell Crowe is a Replicant *END SPOILER*

By Glenn Given and Dan Szczesny

As it is an even-numbered year, Hollywood is set to trot out its latest “hooray for works in the public domain” Robin Hood rehash. But hark! What is this?!? A Ridley Scott joint? I was ready to flush my already low expectations of a grimdark Robin Hood embodied by barroom pugilist Russell Crowe until literally three days ago when I saw Scott’s name on the back of the director’s chair. There is something worth seeing here, guaranteed. Scott has yet to disappoint with even his most ho-hum affairs (I’m talkin’ to you, Kingdom of Heaven), so even the well-trodden paths of Sherwood forest should be wrung of their last vestiges of interest.

LONGSHOTS: Anniversaries remind Reed and Russell were two of a kind
by Dave Long

There are certain things that make an impression on you that lasts forever. Two sports events that made such impressions on me had anniversaries that snuck up on me last week.

FOOD: Shaker Village gets a new restaurant
Communal comfort food is the goal

By Linda A. Thompson-Odum

The restaurant at Canterbury Shaker Village has changed its name and ownership.

PEOPLE: The business of social media
Marketing expert says scene is ever-changing

Linda Fanaras, president and founder of Millennium Integrated Marketing, with offices in Manchester and Boston, says businesses must take a good look at social media. Fanaras and colleague Abigail Burton were featured presenters at Northeast Public Power Association’s 2010 Customer Service Conference last week in Sandwich, Mass.

TECHIE: Geek chic
What not not to wear
By John “jaQ” Andrews

Flowers bloom. The ground thaws. As winter turns haltingly into spring, there suddenly becomes a shortage of pockets. Without a coat, where do all the gadgets go?

May 6, 2010

April 29, 2010


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