Hippo’s Best Of Everything 2008
8th annual readers’ poll
By Hippo Staff news@hippopress.com

For the eighth year in a row, you, the Hippo readers, let us know your favorites and here are the tallied results.

You picked the very best in food, personalities, beauty and more in southern New Hampshire. (How did the voting work? See the “Best Of FAQ” for the answers to all your Best Of questions.) Now, like Fritz Wetherbee (best local television personality), let’s dig in to the answers.

People: First time on the trail
By Alec O'Meara aomeara@hippopress.com

After spending five years on Sen. John Sununu’s staff as a specialist in environmental and energy policy in Washington, Hillsboro native Grant Bosse has moved back to the state and recently announced his candidacy for New Hampshire’s Second District seat in Congress. The election will be held Nov. 4. Bosse was formerly a news anchor for WGIR and was press secretary for Craig Benson’s campaign for governor.

Theater: Albee at MRT
By Heidi Masek hmasek@hippopress.com

“Oh Agnes, why don’t you die?”

Claire’s retort to her sister is short and to the point in Edward Albee’s 1966 play A Delicate Balance. Merrimack Repertory Theatre in Lowell, Mass., held opening night for a production of it Sunday, March 15, just a few days after Albee’s 80th birthday.

Food: The Easter Bunny brings dinner
By Linda A. Odum food@hippopress.com

Sure, you can cook a ham easily enough at home this Easter Sunday, March 23, but can you give your guests and yourself a chocolate fountain? A full pasta station? And do you have a waitstaff to clear the table while you engage in scintillating conversation?

Longshots: Whether forecast is right or not is the question
by Dave Long

It’s college basketball time, but since I’ve invested so much time in the Celtics this winter, I’m going to wait until week two before weighing in on the NCAA Tournament. Besides, I’ve got something more pressing to talk about.

Techie: MP3 ain't all that
By John “jaQ” Andrews  jandrews@hippopress.com

You may have noticed that I tend to not use the term “MP3 player.” While that would certainly be preferable to calling everything an “iPod” (much like all portable cassette players in the ‘80s were casually called “Walkmen”), it really doesn’t properly describe the things. Leaving aside the fact that most of them also play video, record sound, save calendar entries and do a zillion other things, the audio they play typically extends far beyond the MP3 format.

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