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The more things change…
10 years of local music
By Michael Witthaus

Though much of the landscape has been transformed over the past decade, there’s a lot about the local music scene that remains unchanged since Hippo first went to press in early 2001. Back then, Howard Randall was playing every Sunday at Strange Brew, Marty Quirk sang at the Wild Rover and Mama Kicks held forth every Wednesday at the Black Brimmer.

ART: Art in Motion
Currier shows of George Sherwood’s kinetic sculptures
Adam Coughlin

George Sherwood’s sculptures, which are on display at the Currier Museum of Art until Sept. 19, come to life with a gust of wind.

LONGSHOTS: Lessons learned from days gone by this week
by Dave Long

Got this e-mail from a friend of mine who was in Afghanistan for six months. He gives in to the notion that few have any interest in anything from below the Tarrier-Line, so he was giving it to me for my recent column on the anniversaries of the Willis Reed Game and Bill Russell’s last game. I often have to speak very slowly for him to keep up — so I tried to do that in explaining that the best teachers are the ones who get the class excited about things it wouldn’t be interested in normally. Not saying I’m that good, but I’d like to be — so I keep trying.

FOOD: Taste is everything
Milford overs a night of samples
By Linda A. Thompson-Odum

Milford is joining the food-paired-with-retail fun with A Taste of Milford on Friday, June 4. Run by the Milford Downtown Ongoing Improvement Team (DO-IT), the evening is meant to act as a lead-in for the Milford Keyes Art Festival, which takes place the following two days.

PEOPLE: Get over yourself
UNH prof finds entitlement in Gen Y
By Jeff Mucciarone

Paul Harvey, a professor of management at the University of New Hampshire, recently released a study showing that many members of “Generation Y” may suffer from chronic entitlement. Harvey found young workers think too highly of their abilities and don’t take well to criticism, no matter how constructive.

TECHIE: Finance is personal
Manage your cash for free
By John “jaQ” Andrews

Sometimes, they actually do know when to quit.

Last November, Microsoft stopped distributing its Office Accounting software. That included the standard paid version as well as a free Express version. Could be there’s some grand plan in the works to come back with some other product and dominate that little niche, but more likely it’s just because of the huge variety of similar software already out there.

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