Life of the party
For five days, New Hampshire is the center of the political universe
By Brian Early

By the time the next issue of Hippo hits the stands, the New Hampshire primary will be over.

Theater: A little confidence
By Heidi Masek

It’s the new year, time to try something new or at least find a reason to get off the couch on a regular basis. There are opportunities to try acting, singing, dance, directing or playwriting throughout the region. They range from a $15 workshop on stage combat to a $150 eight-week session on directing contemporary theater.

Food: Like Disneyland for foodies
By Susan Ware

Mention McKinnon’s Market and Super Butcher Shop to any transplant from Massachusetts’ North Shore and a testament to the store’s wonderful meat selection and marinades will follow.

Longshots: The primary concern is getting a clear picture
by Dave Long

As a kid I loved baseball cards. I liked to put them in the spokes of my bike for the cool sound they made. I liked to flip them, trade them, and I loved the gum that came in the package. But most of all I liked those cards for the stats I found on the back.

Techie: When technology attacks
By John “jaQ” Andrews

I’m one of those people who drives a hybrid car.

I don’t mention this to be gratuitously smug; in fact, though I generally love the car, it has of late been a pain in my proverbial posterior. While its geeky LCD display showing me fuel mileage and other stats delights me, the car has a dark side. A side that perfectly demonstrates how technology can be, rather than a savior, our downfall.

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