It’s summer camp time!
By Doran Dal Pra

Although it might be hard to envision sunny days of waterskiing and dusty ball fields while the snow is piled deep and the wind cuts to your core, it is indeed time to start thinking about summer camp. Many local organizations have begun their registration processes, and others will be starting theirs soon. While some camps only offer summer programs, others also have school vacation programs to keep the kids entertained during February and April break. It’s a good idea to apply as early as you can, as many camp’s rosters fill up quickly. Most camps offer online registration, which also provides more detailed information about their programs and rates. Start thinking summer!


PEOPLE: The skills of the decider
UNH prof reflects on airline pilots, business managers
By Jeff Mucciarone

Barry Shore is a professor of decision sciences at the University of New Hampshire. Shore looks at the “Miracle on the Hudson,” as the Jan. 15 crash of US Airways Flight 1549 has come to be known, as a product of training and follow-through in decision-making. Shore and his students examine how managers in a variety of fields make decisions.

THEATER: Red carpet?
Manchester and Nashua represent at the New Hampshire Theatre Awards

By Heidi Masek

Extra live performances are scheduled for the seventh New Hampshire Theatre Awards show. Between those acts, about 42 awards will be presented to professional and community theater participants, Friday, Feb. 6, at 7 p.m., at the Palace Theatre in Manchester.

LONGSHOTS: Super Bowl Sunday brings to mind past and present
by Dave Long

The big game comes our way this Sunday when the Steelers and surprising Arizona Cardinals meet at some time after 6 p.m. — which always has me thinking about Super Bowls past and present. And since my streak is intact of having seen every one of the 42 games to date, here are some random thoughts on this week’s game and those from the past that relate to the present. 

FOOD: Food for the 50-yard line
Recipes for every Super Bowl fan

By Linda A. Thompson-Odum

Just because the New England Patriots didn’t make the big game doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the Super Bowl battle between the underdog Arizona Cardinals and the powerhouse Pittsburgh Steelers. And what better way to get into the spirit of the day than to enjoy foods from those two regions?

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It's summer camp time!
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