Beat the system
How to get more for your money, get to the person you want and just generally get stuff done
By Heidi Masek

Life can be complicated. Sometimes getting yourself from point A to point B, making sure you get the best deal, or just getting your errands done feels like a bigger hassle than it should be. Here are a few ideas on ways to save money, time or peace of mind as a consumer. And since “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” experts also offer ideas on how to keep your car on the road and drive safely in the winter. If you have any tips to share, or questions you want answered, e-mail



PEOPLE: Shelter from the cold
How to Build an Igloo author holds workshop
By Jeff Mucciarone

Dr. Norbert Yankielun knows igloos. That’s why up to 1,000 people visit the Montshire Museum in Vermont each year for his annual igloo-building workshop. His book How to Build an Igloo and other Snow Shelters was published in 2007.  For 20 years, Yankielun lived in Lebanon, before moving last year to an island off the coast of Maine. It was during Yankielun’s time at Dartmouth College, where he received his doctorate degree, that he became connected with the United States Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, which has taken him to Antarctica four times and plenty of other cold-weather locales. Yankielun will lead his annual igloo workshop at the Montshire Museum ( on Saturday, Feb. 14, from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s free with museum admission. Visit Yankielun’s Web site,

ARTS: Art for your Valentine
Affordable work gathered for “Love, Lust & Desire”

By Heidi Masek

McGowan Fine Art Gallery in Concord is embracing Valentine’s Day for its upcoming group show. It sounds cheesy, but if you peruse samples posted at, you might think otherwise.

LONGSHOTS: The elusive quality of greatness is the topic of the day
by Dave Long

I’ve been thinking about how to spot greatness this week. 

FOOD: Artisan bread at The Good Loaf
New bakery rises in Milford

By Linda A. Thompson-Odum

Lynda Shortt dresses much differently today than she did a decade ago. Where she once wore business attire and pumps as a real estate broker, she is now dressed in a black T-shirt and pants, a long white apron, a black cap and comfortable shoes. She is also usually covered in flour — par for the course in her life as a professional baker.

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