Slacker’s guide to resolutions
How little changes can make a big difference
By Hippo Staffy

Did you resolve to lose weight, make more money and be an outgoing person in 2008?

By the time Jan. 1 melts into Jan. 3, many a New Year’s resolution is already gathering dust along with the unwanted gifts and the holiday decorations. But you don’t have to promise yourself big changes — losing 50 pounds or finding a job that makes 20 percent more, for example. There are a few small things you can do to improve your quality of life.

People: Stop, speed racer
By Brian Early

Portsmouth police officers Rochelle Jones and Crissy Meyer are featured in two episodes of the television show Speeders, airing on TruTV (Thursday, 8 p.m.), which was named Court TV until the end of 2007. The show follows police officers across the country, filming everyday traffic violations and how people try to get out of them. The first episode featuring Portsmouth’s finest appeared last Thursday. Jones talked about her moment in the spotlight.

Theater: Fate of the Annicchiarico
By Heidi Masek

The 150-seat Annicchiarico tucked inside a Concord Housing Authority building on Thompson Street needs attention. The heating system is ancient, some seats are ripped and walls will need to be fixed after the CHA finishes a pipe project.

Food: The contorni approach
By Linda A. Odum

Chef John Lockwood never worked in a restaurant until he opened Don Giovanni in Concord five years ago.

Born in Naples and educated in Bologna, he was exposed to the foods of both the northern and southern Italian regions.

Food: Italian street food in NH
By Linda A. Odum

Arancini are popping up on Italian restaurant menus all over southern New Hampshire.

These fried rice balls originated in Sicily, though they are prepared throughout southern Italy.

Longshots: Grumpy old Dolphins are lost at sea on this one
by Dave Long

Back in the day I really liked the 1972 Dolphins. Even though I was a Giants fan then, I wanted to see them to go undefeated as the wins started to mount. More than any team, they reminded of the Super Bowl-winning Patriots. They were called the No-Name Defense for being without apparent stars, rarely beat themselves, epitomized the word “team” and like the Patriots they were smart, tough and clutch.

Techie: The cable conundrum
By John “jaQ” Andrews

So you got a brand new flatscreen TV for Christmas. Lucky you.

Now, how do you have that hooked up? The cables that came in the box? Oh dearie me.

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