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Long live TV
Why that box in your living room is still relevant
By Hippo Staff

TV is dead, long live TV.

Sure, we do not all watch one TV series any more and probably won’t again. And TV (like newspapers, radio, the record industry, the movie industry, book publishing, etc.) will have to do a little adjusting to make sure it can survive and thrive and afford to throw the occasional million-dollar salary bump at its superstars in this age of the Internet. But TV (just like all those aforementioned industries) isn’t going anywhere. In fact some (Amy Diaz) may argue that it’s the best it has ever been.

ARTS: In transition
Full house for forum on the future of Kimball Jenkins Estate

By Heidi Masek

Probably more than 75 people came to a talk about the future of Concord’s Kimball Jenkins Estate at a Jan. 28 public forum.

LONGSHOTS: Peyton’s place in historical pecking order on the line Sunday
by Dave Long

Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan wrote last Sunday that, if I understood it correctly, Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time. And no matter what he does this Sunday it won’t matter a hoot to his proclamation.

FOOD: European experience, local ingredients
Republic brings the classic bistro approach to downtown Manchester

By Linda A. Thompson-Odum

Food. Wine. Coffee. Community. Those are the primary elements behind the creation of the new Republic café and bar in Manchester. However, there is one more factor to the vision of owners Ed Aloise and Claudia Rippee: they wanted a place where they would be comfortable hanging out.

TECHIE: Is the iPad worth it?
Calm down before you pre-order
By John “jaQ” Andrews

They actually call it “magical.” Right there on, they say the iPad is a “magical and revolutionary device.”

PEOPLE: The (nearly) windiest peak
A climatologist explains Mount Washington’s weather

Mount Washington can no longer claim the fastest surface wind speed ever recorded, but the weather atop the Northeast’s tallest peak is still no picnic. It was announced last week that climatologists in Australia recorded a 253-mile-per-hour gust during a 1996 typhoon, breaking the 1934 record of 231 miles per hour recorded at the Mount Washington Observatory. According to Mary Stampone, a University of New Hampshire climatologist, the 6,288-foot mountain still has some of the world’s worst weather.

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