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Your guide to summer camps

The calendar still says winter but summer camp season is already under way. Don’t worry, though, if signing the kids up for outdoor fun or extra enrichment has slipped your mind. There are oodles of camps to pick from — everything from traditional summer camps with a mix of sports and crafts to high-tech experiences unlike anything else your kid does.

THEATER: Measuring success
SNHU students look at a theater’s economic impact
By Heidi Masek

A performance venue can certainly have an economic impact, and a class at Southern New Hampshire University set out to get some numbers regarding that for a historic New Hampshire presenting and producing house.

LONGSHOTS: Tiger’s tail between his legs amid vast public attention
by Dave Long

The first time I remember the network’s breaking into a TV broadcast was for a bulletin from CBS News to tell us we were on the brink of nuclear war with Russia. News of the Cuban Missile Crisis sent chills up my spine and the tense time over the next two weeks put fear into everyone as the networks repeatedly broke into regular coverage before it finally dissipated to the collective relief of the country and world. 

FOOD: New chef for the Granite
Corey Fletcher brings his own style to Concord cuisine

By Linda A. Thompson-Odum

The Granite Restaurant and Bar in the Centennial Hotel in Concord gained a reputation for high quality and creative cuisine under Chef Matt Lee. Now new chef Corey Fletcher, who took over in early February when Lee decided to move closer to family in Williamsburg, Va., plans to continue that standard while adding his own personal style to the menu.

TECHIE: Know your vendor
Digital privacy becoming more difficult
By John “jaQ” Andrews

I’m not on a privacy kick, I swear. But after the dreadful Google Buzz launch (which exposed a user’s e-mail contacts to, well, all their other e-mail contacts), the news last week of a Pennsylvania school district remotely activating the webcams of students’ laptops in their homes makes one just a touch paranoid.

February 25, 2010

February 11, 2010


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