How do I love thee…
With a box of chocolates? A love poem? A song by Bon Jovi? Hippo’s guide to the sweet (and the bitter) of Valentine’s Day
By Hippo Staff

Like chocolate, Valentine’s Day is a mix of the bitter and the sweet.

There’s the romance and the candy-filled hearts, of course, but there are also the hard decisions (like where to take that Valentine’s date) and the angst (how do you write an appropriately lovey dovey but not lame ode to your sweetheart) and the suffering (show of hands — who wants to hear “I Will Always Love You” ever again).


PEOPLE: Whiz-bang bus-trains
Derry innovator has some transporting thoughts

Richard Magoon is a 69-year-old retired Air Force Master Sergeant. Via his Web site,, he’s proposed a few new and different transportantion ideas over the years. Now that federal stimulus money could get politicians thinking a little more creatively, Magoon would like people to revisit his suggestions for a trans-Merrimack River ferry and more means for mass-transit.

THEATER: On Golden Pond writer honored
And actor James Whitmore remembered at NH Theatre Awards

By Heidi Masek

Ernest Thompson, who wrote On Golden Pond, dedicated the Lifetime Achievement Award he accepted at the New Hampshire Theatre Awards Friday, Feb. 6, to actor James Whitmore. Whitmore was in the first national tour of On Golden Pond, and they’d remained friends, Thompson said.

LONGSHOTS: Bonner bombs away on Cs in Garden party homecoming
by Dave Long

Except for the outcome, it was a pretty fun day last Sunday at the T. D. BankNorth Garden, wasn’t it?

FOOD: Crooked Birch branches out
Sauces, oils and more find their way into new kitchen and Whole Foods

By Linda A. Thompson-Odum

Crooked Birch Kitchen started as a way for owner Marisa Daly to meet people in her new home town of Lee.

TECH: No DTV for you
Switch is delayed until June

By John “jaQ” Andrews

I bet you were all ready for it, weren’t you?

February 5, 2009
January 29, 2009

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