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Time for
some sun

How to jump start your outdoor season

Sure, it’s only April and anything can happen. But we here in southern New Hampshire have had our taste of 80 degree weather and we are not willing to turn back. When rain, wind or work isn’t keeping you indoors, get outside to enjoy as much spring as possible. From places to hang with the kids to advice on putting together a good picnic, here’s a little help on how to jumpstart your outdoor season.

ARTS: Art under glass
Rivier students brighten up Nashua downtown windows
By Karen Plumley

There’s no denying that economic times are tough. Just take a walk down Main Street in Nashua and you will see the evidence — businesses such as Coronis Cleaners and Cookies by Design have closed, leaving empty, dark storefronts that not so long ago were alive and bustling.

LONGSHOTS: The Nation makes a pitch for having best staff in baseball
by Dave Long

We start the year with many talking about the Red Sox having the best overall starting pitching in baseball. That may be true, especially if depth is factored in, as right now they have five slots and six guys to put into them. And the outlook in the other areas is interesting too. So, as promised last week, here’s a look at assorted myths, realities and predictions about the home town pitching staff.

FOOD: A Taste of Boston on the West Side
Simple dishes, balanced flavors at new bistro

By Linda A. Thompson-Odum

When diners order onion rings or French fries, the first thing most do is reach for the salt shaker. That would be a mistake at the West Side Bistro in Manchester. Chef Brandon Schofield seasons his dishes so perfectly, no additions are required. He brings flavors into balance so no one ingredient dominates the dish.

TECHIE: 3D: fad or future?
High Definition is soooo ’00s
By John “jaQ” Andrews

Think it’s tough buying a regular old standard definition, tube TV? Just wait. In a couple years, plain-jane HD flatscreens will be hard to come by.

PEOPLE: One culture, many themes
Jewish film fest director welcomes all

The Jewish Federation of New Hampshire ( is hosting its second annual Jewish Film Festival with eight films, highlighted by Bloodlines. Jeff Fladen, executive director of the Federation, said Bloodlines and the festival should have broad appeal. Fladen, a Bedford resident, began his career as a social worker before entering the Jewish Communal Service.

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