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Collecting Ink
For wearing, reading and writing
By Dana Unger

Into ink?

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day (a national celebration of comics that happens this year on Saturday, May 2), we decided to look at collectors of all things inked — from comic books to tattoos to those old-fashioned ink-holders, pens.

PEOPLE: Women in power
Michaeline Della Fera looks at NH’s female politicos

Michaeline Della Fera takes on women in politics in her new book, Women at the Table: 40 Intimate Profiles of Political Women of the Northeast. Of the 40 profiled, 17 are from New Hampshire, including New Hampshire Senate Majority Leader Maggie Hassan, current state Senate President Sylvia Larsen, Political Chowder talk show host Arnie Arnesen, Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and Executive Councilor Debora Pignatelli. Della Fera, a former classroom teacher, is online at

THEATER: Journey to and through motherhood
Marisa Roberge stages Musical Mom in Goffstown
By Heidi Masek

After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in theater, Marisa Roberge spent five years in New York, where she and her husband, Kevin, acted professionally. Eventually they landed in New Hampshire, after living “all over.”

LONGSHOTS: Yanked from the headlines, the Fenway series yanks it back
by Dave Long

What a weekend for sports. I suppose it depends on your particular interest — but the Yanks and Sox was just the third most compelling match-up going in and it turned out a series with great drama and results for the Nation. Anyway, here’s my take on some things that stood out.  

FOOD: A Taste of old favorites, new dishes
20th anniversary benefit for Share Our Strength allows chefs to show off

By Linda A. Thompson-Odum

The 20th anniversary of Manchester’s Taste of the Nation will take place Wednesday, May 6, at the Radisson Center of New Hampshire (700 Elm St.).

POP CULTURE: Dork vs. Dork: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Summer begins with the season’s first big blockbuster
By Glenn Given & Dan Szczesny

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is set to usher in a great summer of popcorn gluttony by pushing aside blue Kelsey Grammars and frail old men in capes and zooming in on the only mutant that ever really mattered. And what better actor to star and produce than Hugh Jackman, who brought the feral badassery of Logan on screen not once, not twice but THRICE already? Pair him with actor’s actor Liev Schreiber as rival Sabertooth (a marked improvement in casting over X-Men’s pro-wrestler Tyler Mane).

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