Black Brimmer Event Page, May 25, 2010
1087 Elm Street • Manchester, NH 03101 • (603) 669-5523

HippoNite's event at the Black Brimmer
Tuesday, May 25, 8-11 p.m.

This hipponite event was sponsored by Round Cat Records and Daddy's Junky Music.

A night full of the Hippo's Best for 2010...the Black Brimmer, the Ron Noyes Band and Nick Lavallee! It was a night full of great music and laughter. The Brooks Young Band started the night off with some rock and roll with a twist of blues. Mugshot got the crowd moving with some popular covers and the Ron Noyes Band ended the evening with some rock mixed with funk! In between the bands, Nick Lavallee had the crowd laughing! Thank you for everyone who came out to the Brimmer and congratulations to Analyn Gagne for winning the Daddy's Junky Music gift card! - the hipponite team (Photos by Rick Dumont)


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