What people love about the Hippo

The paper is full of fresh and innovative ideas for the reader to consider. It gives the local information that is unavailable elsewhere. †thanks - Bedford

New restaurants to try and local happenings and events! - Merrimack

The Hippo gives me so much information about what's happening in NH. I especially like the articles about the farmers markets and local and organic offerings in the state. Plus the night life and arts... It's all the information needed in one place. I have loads of back issues saved and I refer to them often. - Manchester

While I don't care much for sports, I read and enjoy just about everything else! †The Best Ofs are the best. †It would be nice if I could get my copy in Hampstead, instead of having to go to the big cities like Salem and Derry, though. - Hampstead

crossword puzzle and treasure hunt. - Hillsborough

All the information on what is going on for events and the restaurant info. The news of the weird is also very funny. -Nashua

Finding out about what is going on with the restaurant scene and the Sudoku! - Londonderry

It's free! †It's fun, it's informative, it's incredibly useful...and IT'S FREE!! †:) - COncord

We've found a number of great restaurants by reading the Hippo. Always good to find new local places. - Nashua

The fresh look at events all around the area that well described and listed easily so that you can find them at a glance. The fun of turning the page and saying "Who knew?" - Center Strafford


I love the Hippo cover to cover, but mostly I love it for the information on local events. I have a five year old son, and your paper is an enormous help to me on finding new things to do with him. I think your company has a fantastic staff of writers, and I very much appreciate the price...what a treasure to have for FREE. Thank you very much! - Derry

At first I was lured by the stunningly handsome photo of your publisher, but then I was smitten by the hippo itself! - Pleasant Garden, NC

What's happening around town, reviews with a little life in them, where to eat next. Every big city has at least one paper that delivers these things. Thanks to the Hippo, ManchVegas finally hits the big time! - Londonderry

I love reading everything in it. There are so many different articles and so many things to do I love it! - Brookline

Staying on top of things to do around S. NH. - Nashua

We live the Hippo's coverage of the Seacoast and frequently use it to plan our Portsmouth etc. activities! - Newfields

It's always great if you want to find out what's going on around town. And also to find out about the new local restaurants. - Nashua

Love the local articles; events going on; new restaurants; etc. †Look forward each week to the new hippo!! - Manchester

The insightful coverage of local news and local businesses. - Nashua

It keeps me informed about what's going on in the area. - Kingston

I love seeing what's going on in the state for the weekend to take advantage of things I wouldn't necessarily know about. I love the best ofs which direct me to businesses I want to try. I love the weird news in the back as well. Its nice reading it every week at lunch. Definitely something I look forward to every week. - Manchester

It has alot of information on different restaurant and reviews - Hooksett


It has to be one of the greatest things that's ever happened to Southern NH! I look forward to reading it every week and will miss it when I'm away at school. Especially love the upcoming events/activities. - E. Greenbush, NY

I love to see what events are coming up and the good eats in town - Fitchburg, MA

I love to feel connected to the local restaurants and goings on. - Bedford

Food section,and things to do on the weekend - Hudson

I like to review this for the kind of news you don't hear about everyday. The restaurant listings are great, I like finding out about new stores, events, etc. - Nashua

The variety of topics. - Laconia

We enjoy the food section, movie reviews and the news about what is happening around Manchester, Nashua, Concord and the rest of the state. It is a great read front to back!!! - Manchester

I love The Best of,the advertisements for new resteraunts to try, the coupons, movie reviews,events listing, and articles on new places to visit. Keep up the great work! - Pittsfield

I pick up the Hippo at UNH Manchester whenever I see the newest edition. I love it because it lets me know what is going on around town, has interesting articles, decent opinion pieces, COUPONS, reviews and all the things I look for in a paper. There is nothing I skip over like in so many other papers out there. And the comic in there is usually funny enough for me to take the time and cut it out to enjoy it again later. Haha! I still laugh about the "ABORTIONS ON DEMAND!" one. Keep up the good work! - Candia

It truly is my "go to" place for all happenings in †Manchester and beyond. It's informative and well put together. I never go a week without reading it :) - Manchester

It's all about New Hampshire events...and I like to plan events with my friends. I would even pay a subscription fee to get this delivered each week to my home. - Manchester

Local news and infor on entertainment for the week - Goffstown

Area coverage, unbiased political coverage, local events, advertisments for local businesses, and the price is right. - Manchester

Perfectly represents Manchester as a city. It\'s relevant, interesting and fun to read. - Dunbarton

love local news and upcomming events - Manchester

Coverage of the NH theatre scene. - Manchester

If loving the Hippo is wrong, I do\'t want to be right. - Washington, DE

I enjoy reading about the cultural events happening around town. †I also enjoy looking at the 'quality of life rating thermometer' and the movie review section. - Bedford

The article on the Rochester Fair was awesome. †Love the reviews and happening around the state. †Love the Magazine! - Amherst

I'm from out of state and visit NH quite often. †I love reading the Hippo every time I'm in NH. †I especially love the kiddie pool section. †I depend on the Hippo to help me decide where to go with my family. - West Babylon, NY

It's the only "underground" newspaper. †I love that it gives me all the happenings in NH for free. †The Hippo helps me decide where to go out to eat and where to go with my family. †I look forward to reading it every week. - Manchester

Lots of stuff happening & free... - Hollis

Every single page!!! - Candia

I love the info on restaurants and food. - Brookline

I love knowing everything thats going on in the city. - Manchester

a lot of stuff - Manchester

The sudoku puzzle! - Milford

I love that it's local, and stays true to itself. - Manchester

The QOL notes are a fun way to stay up-to-date and the techie articles are something I would otherwise never get to read! I used a lot of his advice †beside that, I normally read the Hippo so I know what to do with the kids and what we can eat - every single week!!!! - Concord

I honestly think I read EVERY SINGLE WORD of the Hippo, even the ads! I feel like there is such valuable information that I couldn\'t bear to miss any of it! Not that I can participate in a fifth of all the happenings, but isn't knowing about it half the battle!? - Loudon

I love everything about The Hippo. - Nashua

Music and Event Listings - Manchester

Getting the 411 on what's happening in town and getting the latest restaurant specials. - Bedford

The best source when you need to find the best restaurants/pubs, playing the best music! - Londonderry

The lack of right wing political bias present in most other local media (Loeb & Hearst/Argyle, for example) lack of sensationalism in news reporting, the consistent focus on local multiculturalism and diversity, evidence of a genuine effort to present objective, fact-based information, the direct and indirect support of local small businesses and the always thorough event listings. Thank you for all of the above! - Manchester

News Of The Weird! Jody's opening column. - Merrimack

QOL, Movie Reviews, Political coverage. - Merrimack

I just moved to Manchester and the Hippo is my go to guide for things to do. Thx! - Manchester

Love having all the entertainment options in 1 place. Read the hippo everyday! - Manchester

I love the Hippo because I am a new Sales Rep in the southern NH area and this paper is a great way to find out what's going on in this area. †Good job! - Dunstable, MA

I really enjoy reading the Hippo especially the dining section. Plus, lots of interesting articles on the area! - Merrimack

I like your reviews of "places to eat!" and just the overall info you give out for "special events" -like the Made in NH Expo. The Hippo is a nice way to get info on "whats Up" in NH - Derry

Amy's movie reviews are some of the best (and most useful) around. Also Dave Long and Jaq's columns are informative and great reads. The paper is the right amount of information for each week, and the features are great. - Meredith

I've always liked the local coverage. It's the place to go to for restaurants and events in Manchester. - Manchester

It's hip and trendy and it keeps me up to date on coming events. - Hudson

I love that it's free and that it has local goings on. - Goffstown

I love stumbling across the Hippo every week. †I find it at many local business and every time, it's a surprise. †From food to music, beer to films - I love reading The Hippo. †Keep up the great work! - Hillsborough

Food section. †Car Talk - Bow

I like knowing what's going on around the Manchester area. - Manchester

the diversity of articles, well written and interesting - Derry

music - Milford

restaurant reviews - Manchester

best of and current events - Sanbornton

Knowing what's going on around NH -Nashua

JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING especially the price, kidding aside i enjoy the food, gardening,news of the city,and more †thank you - Manchester

It gives me local insight to whats happening in New Hampshire...quickly and easily! - Merrimack

I truly LOVE The Tom Dixson Band! - Rapid City, South Dakota

Everything! - Manchester


What's not to LOVE??! - Merrimack

I love that it contains some of †everything from news to entertainment to food. - Weare

movie times and reviews, great ideas for weekend, restaurant highlighted - Amherst

Everything! - Manchester

great way for a new resident to explore the area. - Hudson

Local local local - Did I mention "local"? - Bedford

I read the Hippo from cover to cover but my favorites are Treasure Hunt, Car Talk, and the food section. - Nashua

Everything - Penacook

everything - Claremont

I love to see what events are out there each week - I also love the best of issue! - Nashua

I love the diversity of magazine as a whole. Covers everything for everyone - Bedford

Comments: Entertainment information. What bands are playing around. Things to do. restaurant and entertainment reviews - Lawrence, MA

That it is still moving forward! - New Boston

i love to find interesting things to do and see great restaurants and the articles on locals. - Greenland

I love that the Hippo gives the buzz and is very snappy! - Moultonborough

it keeps me connected to my home town manchesta - Port Charlotte, FL

It has some Hip articles and a place I always look to see whats going on in the area. - Northwood

I love the fact that people still think I work there. - Hooksett

News of the Weird. Quality of Life Index. - Manchester

The articles. The reviews of area attractions. EVERYTHING! - Manchester

Local! And it's in print-- on real paper! Not just online. - Manchester

I love the news of the weird, some people are just crazy. I also enjoy Quality of life & dining sections. - Manchester

All the Hometown happenings. - Londonderry

I love to know that when I read the Hippo, I will know where to go and what to do on any given day! - Pelham

In my opinion, it is the ONLY source for good local information. - Deerfield

I like the updates on restaurants and see what is going on in the area. - Deerfield

Everything, love the local business info, and the entertainment schedules, and the Hippo gives me a list of local restaurants and I am always wanting to try something new,and I am always able to find different places in the Hippo!!! Keep up the good work! - Manchester

I like the reviews, and the calendar, esp. things to do for families....insightful articles....lots of fun. Plus the quality of life index. You are a great alternative to the "other" Manchester paper which is so biased! - Manchester

I love the "Best of". Lets me give recognition where it is due, and gives me tips on the places I need to check out that I haven't found yet! - Manchester

Find out what is going on locally with the music scene, dining, socially pretty much a one stop place to plan your entertainment for the week! - Brookline

Variety. - Manchester

Everything!!!! - Manchester

Good Local Music Coverage. - Manchester

Its local and tell me what to eat and what to do on a date, so I dont have to think so much. - Manchester

The Hippo features the best of our local communities and residents. - Manchester

Great info for music, shows and food. - Manchester

Informative and fun. Great way to connect with local community events! - Manchester

I love the local news about people and businesses that I know about!!! I can't believe it's free!!!! That's awesome!!! - Manchester

It has info on all kinds of activities. I especially like the art news and calendar and the gardening column. - Weare

Hippo keeps me posted on whats going on around me It seems more geared to my interests and issues. - Londonderry

Have been reading the Hippo for years. The paper has introduced me to a lot of new establishments in the Manchester area which I now give business to. It is an enlightening paper and makes you appreciate the better parts of our city. - Manchester

Everything!! - Auburn

I love your humour! - Brookline

I love that it's free! I also trust your movie reviews over anyone else's. The articles are always well written and engaging, and when I'm bored, I get 2!! Crosswords! The only thing I don't like is the super liberal cartoon, but I suppose it keeps things diverse. Keep up the good work! - Manchester

Keep in touch with local events. - Hudson

Everything!!! - Hudson

The super-hot ad/sales director is certainly the best thing about The Hippo, but besides that I love the easy access to community events, reading about new restaurants or reviews of current restaurants, and love to know about live music. - Manchester

Absolutely love QOL ! Gotta see what the score is each and every week! Also enjoy the Weird News at the back of the paper! - Manchester

I read it from cover to cover. I especially love the art section and I clip coupons for discounts to local restaurants. I also found the best fitness trainer from the Hippo. Keep up the great work. - Amherst

I love reading about all the local events and activities going on so I am in "the know". I also enjoy learning about the local restaurants to inspire me to try a new dining spot. - Concord

All the local live music and food reviews. - Manchester

It is so much fun to have around to read each week - Danbury

Modern, urban fun news, up to date, local info. Entertainment info that I can actually use. horoscopes. - Manchester

The heartbeat of Manchester for young professionals. - Manchester

Love getting updates on the latest and greatest restaurants. We also always look for up coming events in the hippo. LOVE IT - Manchester

The hippo is an excellent paper, and a wealth of info on whats going on in ,and around manchvegas! - Manchester

The local newspaper. I learn more about what's really going on in one issue than in a month of reading your "competition". Keep up the great work. - Manchester

The Hippo is always giving me ideas on new restaurants to try and keeps me in-the-know with what's happen' in Manchester, Nashua and Concord. - Manchester

It is always entertaining, learn a lot about our local area, love the sudoku & reading car talk. - Candia

The Best of - Manchester

Articles are well written & interesting. It's information I want to know. Great quality writing. - Franklin

Entertainment reviews and interviews. Especially local music coverage, love to hear about up and coming bands. - Brookline

I love the calendar of events from around the state. Living in southern NH, I tend to only see events from the Nashua area in my local paper. Great to be able to turn to the Hippo for happenings like author events at The Music Hall in Portsmouth. - Amherst

Good local news and social scene - Manchester

I love the variety of local information it provides. My friends know me as the one who often starts sentences with, "I read in the Hippo...." It helps me keep current on what's going on in my community, but without all of the politics that sometimes come with a "standard" newspaper. - Manchester


It covers the most interesting subjects especially arts. - Chester

I love that the Hippo covers entertainment stories and issues that no other paper in this area does. It's great to see local friends and theatres on the cover with great stories about what they are doing inside. - Londonderry

This is my first time here and love the listings of what is going on in NH. - Dunbarton

I love the Hippo because it lets me know where are the good places in New Hampshire are. It also inspires me to explore the entire state. Thanks Hippo! - Plymouth

How much it cares about its readers and its wonderful sense of humor. - Plymouth

The calendar and Quality of Life Index - Manchester

It actually relates to people! - Goffstown

Local insightful news. The Hippo is the only true outlet for people to know about the social scene in Manch. Wonderful articles! I read it cover to cover every week! - Bedford

Local info on fun and dining. - Litchfield

I love the News of the Weird and the local music lineups! I can always find something interesting and entertaining in the Hippo. - Henniker

Hippo is THE source for what's happening in southern/central NH. - Hooksett

It's free! And has lots of things to do in it! - Goffstown

Restaurant reviews. - Hooksett

I like the local news content. As well as the arts and entertainment reporting, especially Amy Diaz. I also check the quality of life index and the News of the Weird. Those are a must-read. - Chester

My favorite is the News of the Weird. I also love the local event calendar and coverage; interesting articles; and quality of life indicator. - Amherst

The Hippo tells me all kinds of great stuff I don't know...from across the state to in my own backyard. - Pittsfield

Music listings, local business spotlights - Hudson

The fact that it is free, can look up movies, venues, performing arts, kids corner, places to eat, drink, be merry. - Laconia

QoL index. - Nashua

I think your paper offers a great selection of everything... keep up the good work. - Hooksett

Information about NH activities! - Londonderry

News of the weird, the puzzles, the arts and events section are necessities of life! We read it all week, until we pick up the next one. - Manchester

I always look for reviews before visiting a new restaurant and find them at the Hippo on line. - Weare

I love how you totally support businesses, large and small, with sometimes the quirkiest of events and stories. I love how you help us keep up with what is going on with city stuff, that gets lost in larger state papers. I love how after reading the Hippo, I think that NH isn't such a boring state after all! - Amherst

The weekly measure of life in NH. The weird news, the news about events and local happenings - New Boston

Not being from the area originally I like getting the inside scoop on local business, which I love to support. - Nashua

Love everything about HIPPO New of the weird is cool - they live amoung us. - Hudson, MA

Hippo covers such a wide array of topics. It's a great source of local current news and activites. You can find a copy of Hippo almost anywhere. - Concord

It is a good read, full of useful info, and stuff I never thought I would need but do. - Sanbornton

Arts coverage, restaurant reviews. local color. - Bedford

I love the HIPPO because it is a diverse publications that keeps me in touch with what is going on in the community. It makes me happy to be part of such a great community! - Tyngsboro

Local music coverage. Local bands need a way to get news out and The Hippo does a great job of helping the local music scene without having to pay for ad space like other "for purchase" newspapers require. If I did pay for ad space, I would choose The Hippo 1st. - Hudson

It's informative, fun, funny. - Bedford

News of the wierd, car talk and all the listings of local events. - Salem

Local events, and "best of's" - Manchester

Hippo hast "the rest of the news" that you can't get anywhere else. It's where I learn about the QOL. - Manchester

Local news, sports and event coverage. - Manchester

The arts and entertainment coverage...delivered in a literate and timely manner! - Nashua

I love the nightlife. I like being kept up-to-date about goings on in and around the city. - Manchester

Hippo provides the BEST nightlife/entertainment coverage in So. Central NH! - Deerfield

The local Art and music scene coverage is fabulous! - Manchester

The Amy Diaz movie reviews, Dave Long column and the editorial are consistently good. I would love to see more of the really good news stories which actually explain an issue. these seem to be hit or miss- mostly miss but the hits are really valuable. - Concord

Recognizing people and events in NH. - Plymouth

Keeps me involved with the local activities, events. - New Boston

It's quite informative about the activities during the summer months. I am a wheelchair user, and love being out then.Since there are many events: I am glad that the Hippo puts them all right there, organized as well, so I can freely choose which ones to attend. - Manchester

I love all the local info!! - Milford

All of your arts coverage; from film to local artists to local music venues; keep it going - NH is a treasure of creative talent, please keep focusing on them. - Nashua

Best way to find out the happenings in the area! - Concord

I love to hear about local events and local businesses. - Manchester

Informative. - Manchester

Progressive, great entertainment news. - Strafford

I love the coverage of he local music scene. New artists and venues are introduced. Very good coverage of Local bands and their latest endeavors. - Manchester

It's a goood way to keep up with and/or find out about happenings in town. Restaurant and club reviews are good and helpful, and always point out the human side of things. QOL is pretty slick. Dave Long is usually interesting. Good puzzles. Overall a good small city publication. - Manchester

Music scene section. - Manchester

Everything! - Londonderry

Its local and entertaining - Manchester

Good info helpful ads. - Manchester

The current event update the reviews the local business spotlights and believe it or not the ads. The fact that it is everywhere. - Manchester

Informative and not boring like the Goffstown News - I'll read the Hippo front to back as soon as it's out - Enjoy Donna Welch's Antique stories/answers to questions - while I use as many Goffstown News papers to keep the fireplace going. Keep up the great work Hippo Staff - You are the best. - Goffstown

That it's hip. :) No really, it targets both what I want to know about what to do, who to know, how to do it, and as an advertiser reaches a good portion of my target demographic that I wouldn't be reaching otherwise. - Manchester

All the great information it has on local events and happenings around the area. - Nashua

Best coverage on local events, helps me not resort to whining, "there's nothing to do here!" because there's usually always something to do. :) Um, and I love the crossword puzzles...2 every issue?! Yowie-zowie. - Dudley, MA

It keeps me up-to-date on local stuff I don't see or hear on the local news or radio. It's always got some kind of entertaining reading and the rock and roll x-word puzzles are a favorite for me and my hubby. - Manchester

I love that the hippo has a little bit of everything in it! - Manchester

Detailed Local events and listings are my favorites. It let me know what I am missing when I am not in town. - Bedford

All the entertainment info... and how they are really into keeping up with what\'s hot in Manchester, like Boynton's for example! :) - Bedford

All the latest entertainment information! - Merrimack

I especially enjoy all the food/restaurant articles.  Inspires me to try new places. On-line music roundup is a must for weekend planning. - Windham

Hippo covers the subjects I am interested in reading about! - Manchester

It gives me ideas for things to do. - Manchester

I enjoy learning what's going on in our area. Also that it's so convenient to pick up a copy of Hippo. - Auburn

The inside scoop on whats going on around town. - Manchester

Arts updates! - Manchester

Arts coverage. - Nashua

I love the articles and the different topics you choose that hit home for me. I also love the guide to entertainment around the city etc. - Bow

very informative about whats going on in the City. - Goffstown

I love reading the local info for the surrounding towns in the S. NH area. I also love the thought of keeping the dollars in the local area! Keep up the GOOD work! - Hooksett

I love keeping up with local events in the Hippo.†Also, the Hippo keeps us up-to-date on new restaurants and other businesses to check out. - Manchester

Enjoy reading aboutthe arts, food, restaurants, movie ratings. Definitely check what is going on for activities in the area.†Keep up the good work! -Manchester

Events, restaurant reviews, the back page, art. Really - everything. - Goffstown

The Hippo is the "Best of the Best\" local newspaper in the area! I especially enjoy the covers designed by local artists and the honesty of your writers. The Hippo's unique and fresh approach is integral to our local scene. - Manchester

The best source for local events, happenings, social awareness, etc for Southern NH. VERY PLEASED to see a HIPPO box outside the new restaurant (old firestation) on Broadway in Derry. THANK YOU :) - Derry

I like seeing what is going on during the week & weekends. I enjoy the "weird" news around the world. I like reading about the local restaurants because I try to visit some of the new ones that open. Your box is right outside my work place so I get it quite readily. - Concord

Local and regional coverage. -Manchester

There is much to love. I love the restaurant reviews, local culture, events, the arts, and I want to be Amy Diaz when I grow up (She's got the best job!). - Nashua

Well, I enjoy reading about people and events in my area. I never miss reading Diaz's movie reviews, even if I don't *always* agree. I must also confess to a slight addiction to 'News of the Weird'. - Nashua

I love keeping current on the goings in and around Manchester, Nashua and Concord.  Even though we no longer live in the area we make frequent trips back.  Reading The Hippo on line gives us the assistance to plan our trip before we leave for NH and get the most out of our time there. - Lincolnville, ME

Car Talk, gardening, what's happening in NH outside of the Seacoast. I\'ve been reading regularly for about a year -- I pick up my copy at Hannaford's in Northwood, even though I usually shop at Market Basket at Lee Circle (which you must consider outside your radius). Between Hippo and The Wire (Portsmouth), I know everything worthwhile going on in the state. - Nottingham

Food and events info. Kiddie pool has great info for families. Hippo has better info than pay newspapers. - Derry

The information on Art, Music and the local meaningful news! - Milford

QOL, articles, farmers market info, calandar events,techie,restaraunt reviews. - Hillsborough

While it certainly COULD be the photo of Jody.......it isn't! Sorry Jody. I so enjoy the entertainment info and the food sections, including the updates on local restaurants.  It\'s free and readily available...that helps too! - Litchfield

I love how you highlight local artists, writers, musicians....talent in general! - Derry

Lets me know what is happening in Manchester. - Bedford

QOL, treasure hunt, click & clack, techie, weekly dish, news of the weird...need i go on? shoulda just said i love the whole paper! -Manchester

Food and restaurant section. - New Boston

It allows me to stay up on what\'s going on in Southern NH. I love to read about the new restaurants, the entertainment options and Dave Long's Sports. - Concord

Enjoy the completeness of each issue, would like more computer information. Rear page cartoon really not worth reading.Movie reviews are great. Wish Panera in Nashua on Amherst St. could get the issues on Thursday. We still get it at Dunkin Donuts on Amherst St. after Panera visit. Won't miss it every week,my wife and I really enjoy it....Thanks. - Milford

Reviews of restaurants are very helpful. The 'Best of' issue is superb. I like the music reviews and the sports section is really good. - Northfield

The crossword puzzle and my husband like the Sudoku puzzle. - Manchester

I love the the car talk column, the movie reviews, the news of the wierd, and the local happenings. -Hudson

Great mix of state. local news, happenings and entertaining columns. - Manchester

I love the great reviews and comments regarding local things.  I also love how I can plan weekend activities by reading The Hippo. - Nashua

The event listings. - Nashua

We love the News of the Weird! - Nashua

I love News of the Weird.   Is there anyway I can get the Hippo here in MA?  I no longer go to NH but want to read the Hippo. - Lynn

Simply that the Hippo shows that New Hampshire is Alive! Thanks to all of the creative folks that bring the Hippo to print!! - Franklin

coupons of advertisers, free or cheap page, news of weird, local articles and commentary, i dont care for all the night life stuff , but then i'm 60. - Bedford

I think Jody is just dreamy! - Manchester

The Antique column, Jody's editorial (though I don't always agree, it is thought provoking), stories about area businesses and I especially like the "Best Of"  (wish there were more categories). You do a great job!!! - Manchester

Just a fun read! - Manchester

Interesting articles. Friends have written for Hippo and I want to be able to read their articles. - White River Jct., VT

Being new to the area it's great to see where events are being held. - Bedford

It's fun, up-to-date information and the "in" newspaper of choice! - Manchester

Great local newspaper. Restaurant info. - Dracut, MA

Love the articles and getting to know whats going on in the area. - Manchester

The first thing that impressed me was the editorial by Jody Reese. Even when you aren't always happy with the subject you write about, you are fair in your judgments and comments.

I also love your special feature articles such as on the Merrimack River, animals, etc. I lost the article on the Merrimack River and didn't get a chance to finish it. If you have a copy of this article lying around, I would love to receive it and would pay the postage to send it.

There are other things I love, but my brain can't remember them!! - Concord

I love the events listed. Great way to get my family out and about! - Epsom

Great info about things to do in the Manchester area. - Methuen, MA

I love the hippo because it is Manchester and surrounding cities place to look and advertise for fresh products, services, entertainment and more. - Derry

Everything- and it's free! - Penacook

Event listings but could be organized better. - taking temp. - what's happening on local level that's big in the news - more analysis on what happened to things like the previously great annual Jazz and Blues fest (moving so much indoors last year) and info. from fans on the big local blues fests (White Mtn. Boogie), etc - Milford

It has always been around showing me the best new places and restaurants I haven't explored yet. - Amherst

couldn't find you on facebook - was hoping to become a 'fan' and get updates of nh activities. - Center Harbor

Great listings of interesting things to do in the area! - Sandown

Love knowing what is going on and the articles are truly very well researched and written. All I do not like is Nashua not having its own separate from Manchester now. - Nashua

I like the info that is always available, for entertaining, dining, attractions. Keep up the good work. - Merrimack

It's all about what's happening! - Nottingham

I LOVE everything about the HIPPO.....Started reading while working in Manche-che..then in Nashua & now whenever I can get my hands on it....since I work in Mass. - Nashua

I can always find something to do with the outstanding local coverage on events!! - Seabrook

I love the articles and recipes and being able to know whats going on. - Goffstown

Food and movie reviews, stories on local events and businesses... - Bedford

I love when I find the Hippo paper, it helps us plan our weekends for shows and upcoming events! - Sandown

Love News Of The Weird, Publisher\'s Note, News & Notes, QoL, Hippo Nite and Inside/Ouside.  I guess the whole paper!  I also actually read the ads in the Hippo.  I have been reading the Hippo since it was an online offering when Jody tipped me off to the web site.  I have been a loyal fan ever since. - Nashua

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