August 21, 2008


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Strong Badís Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 1 Homestar Ruiner (Wii/PC)
Telltale Games, August 11, T
By Glenn "because it's midnite" Given

Flash-based Internet meme-ery finds a home as episodic downloadable point-and-click adventure puzzlers which, had it somehow incorporated leveling my World of Warcraft rogue, would have jammed every one of my glee-triggering Pavlov nodes into one package.

Sadly, itís not that amazing. Fans of Web-toon Homestar Runner and its not so horrible e-mail answering villian Strong Bad should just go buy it already. The seriesí humor doesnít translate as well to the oddly resurging point-and-click adventure style as its spiritual brother Sam & Max (Season 1 of which arrives on the Wii in a few days) does but the Wii presentation does the best job yet of console-porting the genre. Players waggle their Wii-motes or mice to direct Strong Bad about his environs, solving loosely logical puzzles in order to complete Strong Badís mission of beating up his rival Homestar Runner. Of course nothing goes according to plan, and in the midst of such an epic quest players will get to play a bit of Snake Boxer 5, custom-make an episode of Teen Girl Squad and generally preach the weirdo Strong Bad humor to the choir. As with the cartoon, if youíre not immediately endeared by a midget luchador boxer with an undying love for bad í80s metal and lighting things on fire, then pass. As an adventure title, itís no Grim Fandango or The Longest Journey but for ten bucks this silly nugget wonít break your bank. B+ ó Glenn Given