October 4, 2007


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MySims, (Wii)
EA Games, Sept. 18
By Glenn "Simlish" Given production@hippopress.com

If you simply canít wait for the inevitable Wii version of Animal Crossing and have rubbed your DS stylus down to a teensy nub over Wild World then you could do worse than attempt to run the clock down with MySims.

Iíll say this in MySimsí favor: itís definitely the best console Sims game to date; but thatís a low hurdle. And it is immediately fun. There are loads of costume customization options and your house construction and itemization are not restrained by budegetary concerns. But this omnipotence of design frontloads all the fun. You get near-instant access to everything the game offers.

Sure, completeing tasks for your neighbors by blueprinting and constructing items for them will raise your accord (measured in stars) and unlock new areas and denizens. But they are more of the same. More cute neighbors with cute requests; it gets a bit tiring. You can customize your town to a certain extent through decoration and planting. But despite my best efforts I couldnít force people out of my town in a heartless program of gentrification.

Without the random ridiculousness of Animal Crossingís holidays and events MySims has only its laudable building and design system; there is little else to revel in. Points for opening Pandoraís box at the start. B+ ó Glenn Given