May 22, 2008


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Lost Winds (Wii)
Frontier Developments, May 12
By Glenn "Typhoon" Given

This game blows!

Iíve all but sworn off the side-scrolling platformer since New Super Mario for the DS reminded me that I donít have the thumbs of a younger Glenn Given any more. Lost Winds goes a long way toward changing my mind. It may seem daunting that players are tasked with controlling two characters simultaneously (the young boy Toku and the spirit of the wind itself) but the pared-down control scheme and the synergy between the protagonists soothes all concerns. Waving the Wii remote causes breezes and gusts to blow about the screen and can be directed to aid Toku in his travels. Scribbling below a falling Toku will slow his descent and drawing a gust of air through him will launch him across the screen. You will also water plants, blow fire onto enemies and tickle leaves into revealing their secrets as you guide Toku in his sweet but hackneyed quest to contain an ancient evil and restore environmental harmony to his vaguely Zelda-esque land. Lost Winds is a short, charming and exceedingly clever and enjoyable platformer/puzzler that is more than worth its $10 price tag. A ó Glenn Given