September 28, 2006


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LEGO Star Wars 2 (360/XBOX/GC/PS2/PC/DS/GBA)
LucasArts, 2006

I DON’T accidentally ingest the tiny plastic body parts of Chewbacca and Boba Fett in the interlocking plastic block prequel sequel of the century, LEGO Star Wars 2.

It’s a testament to the strength of a galactic empire — you know, of merchandising — and the creativity of the Danish that the original LEGO Star Wars was more than a quirky oddity, charmingly recreating action vignettes from the latter half of the six-part Star Wars saga with simple controls, a huge variety of LEGO style and stronger artistic direction than its source material.

LEGO Star Wars 2, as with Empire, polishes up the formula a bit and creates an all-around superior sequel. Not too shabby, Lucas; perhaps if your Anakin had been a bit MORE plastic and blocky Phantom Menace wouldn’t have sucked so awfully. What LSW2 adds, besides focusing the action on the fondly-remembered original trilogy, are more vehicle-based missions including (shock, surprise!) an AT-AT vs. Snow Speeder fight on Hoth! There a few more puzzles in each level and the amount of collectables has been upped to nearly ridiculous levels. LSW2 shines when two players play co-op missions as the fast and loose feel of the action makes it a truly enjoyable and never frustrating affair. With a surprisingly robust shelf life I find it, for once, hard not to recommend this work of George Lucas. [Author promptly explodes in a puff of ironic paradox.] A+

— Glenn Given