November 2, 2006


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Family Guy (PS2/XBOX/PSP)
2k Games 2006

Absurdly derivative gameplay meets a barrage of non sequitur pop culture reference with Family Guy.

Hey, remember that show, or that game or that thing that happened that we both experienced? Man, that was funny.

Ahh, the warm bond of shared media consumption. I like the comforting embrace of knowing that the person Iím conversing with has a basic understanding of the trash culture of our youth.

The visceral guffaw of idiotic recognition; is it the lowest form of humor? No, technically that would be a pun. But itís not far off. Does that mean that Family Guyís flashback a minute laughs are worthless? No. But it does make for a blase game at best.

Granted, I love Stewie (or perhaps Iím simply enamored with the idea of infants that kill) and his run-and-gun platformer levels are a treat. Additionally, it is undeniable that a fat guy dressed up as a street whore beating up kids and strangers is pretty funny. Yet, like the series, the Family Guy game is enjoybale in only small doses, and even then the laughs are airy, fleeting bursts of sophmoronery.

For $30 itís not the worst money to be spent, and truth be told, funny video games ó which Family can genuinely claim to be ó are a rare treat. Still the awkward Metal Gear Solid-inspired levels are but one of a double handful of jarring elements in this giddily foul but ultimately pedestrian title. D+

ó Glenn Given