Food — Holiday Cookies - The Easy Way

Holiday Cookies - The Easy Way

By Amy Diaz

Don’t have time to make those cookies yourself? Here are a few places where you can pick up a few plates of holiday cheer. 

Michelle’s Gourmet Pastries & Deli

819 Union St., 647-7150

Mini pastry platters: 18 piece for $14.95; 36 piece for $27; 50 piece for $34.95

Assorted holiday cookies: 2 1/2 dozen for $12.99; 5 dozen for $25

Gingerbread men or women (decorated): $1.50 each

Kay’s Bakery

443 Lake Ave., 625-1132

Order by Wednesday, Dec. 23

Baklava: $12 per dozen

Finikia: $9.95 per dozen

Kataifi: $14.95 per dozen

Kourabiedes: $8.95 per dozen

Small tray of assorted pastries: $25

Large tray of assorted pastries: $40

Small tray of Greek pastries: $30

Large tray of Greek pastries: $45

Angela’s Pasta and Cheese Shop

815 Chestnut St., 625-9544

Finikia: $2.95 for six

Koulourakia: $3.95 for a dozen

Baklava: 6 for $5.95

Russian Tea Cookies: $3.25 for six

Galatobouriko: $4.50 for six

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Reason to buy the magazine: The impossibly fattening, yet cookie-ish in shape cheese crackers (made with cheddar and parmigiano-reggiano).

- Amy Diaz

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