Food — Beef, It's What's For Dinner, Lunch & Dessert

Beef, It's What's For Dinner, Lunch & Dessert

By Amy Diaz

BBQ 2 Go: Bull Run Beef and Specialty Shoppe — purveyor of meat, cheese, bread, wine and all manner of spicy sauces, just over the line in Hooksett — has expanded.

The shop now sits next to an eat in/ take-out restaurant featuring sandwiches, subs, wings and lots and lots of meat. The menu includes burgers (more than half a dozen varieties including the intriguing black-and-blue burger featuring peppercorn and blue cheese), steak tips, lamb kabobs, Key West chicken, Delmonico steak, barbecued half-chicken and barbecued baby back ribs.

The restaurant also offers the standard barbecue sides (including potato salad and cole slaw, of course) as well as desserts and beer and wine.

Bull Run, 1100 Hooksett Road, 669-0891, is open until 7 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday and 8 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, closed Sunday.

Cheap eats: Holiday’s got you short of cash? Check out, the website for the Wild Rover, 21 Kosciuszko St., which currently has a coupon for a buy-one, get-one free deal on menu items. As anyone who has ever paid (or, gulp, not paid) a January credit card bill knows, every little bit helps.

Plan your party now: Baldwin’s on Elm, 1105 Elm St., is booking tables for their New Year’s Eve dinners. For $95 per person, celebrate with a four-course meal (first course, salad, entrée, dessert). Mouth-watering items on the menu include a spinach and truffle flan, cocoa-dusted sea scallops (featuring smashed plantains, peppercress salad, mango relish and cilantro vinaigrette) and a grilled veal porterhouse.

Baldwin’s is already all dressed up for the occasion — the restaurant recently put up sleek new signage.

Attention Champagne lovers: The Wine Society of Nashua (650 Amherst St., Suite 9, Nashua; 440 Middlesex Road, Tyngsboro, Mass.) is hosting a Champagne tasting at its store just over the state line in Tyngsboro on Thursday, Dec. 16, 7 p.m. The event — $40 per person for society members or $45 for non members — includes a free flute (the kind for drinking, no playing) as well as an opportunity to sip Veuve-Clicquot, Henriot, Krug, Bellefon, Westport Rivers and other brands of bubbly. Space is quite limited, call 883-4114 for reservations or more information.

A different kind of tasting: Holy Smokes, the recently opened cigar shop on South Willow Street, will hold a tasting of Ashton cigars on Thursday, Dec. 9 from 5 to 8 p.m. The event includes free appetizers plus a chance to watch the giant-screen television.

Take a shot of General John Stark: One of New Hampshire’s small number of wineries has branched out into the vodka business — apple vodka.

About 300 apples go into each bottle of vodka, according to a press release from Flag Hill Winery in Lee. Fermented apple cider is brought to a boil and run through a copper distiller to produce an 80-proof liquor that does not, despite its beginnings, have an apple taste, according to the company’s statement. The vodka is slated to hit state liquor stores later this month.

Cheap guide to cheese: Culinary wisdom at the supermarket is not confined to the pages of expensive glossy magazines. Hannaford’s offers free pamphlets that give you a crash course in how to select and pair wine and cheese. Sure, the information is very basic and the cheeses covered are pretty much only the ones sold at the store but if at the last minute you forget which drink goes best with a brie (dry reds), a camembert (pretty much all wines) or a double Gloucester (ale or stout), the four-by-six-inch guide is quite handy.

Brag about your restaurant: New menus, new dishes, new chefs, new hours, new songs in the jukebox — Hippo wants to know all about it and so do our readers. Have information about your restaurant? E-mail it to But, hey, you don’t have to be a restaurateur to let us know what’s up in the food world. Rave about your new favorite spot, a surprising dish or a tip on a good baker. 

- Amy Diaz

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