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Resident Evil: Apocalypse (PG-13)

Milla Jovovich once more takes up the butt-kicking, impossible-stunts-performing reins as Alice, a character Iím not familiar with, in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, a sequel to a movie I didnít see about a video game Iíve never played.

So, you know, color me an expert.

But, for all that I lack in the way of knowledge of the all-powerful biotechnology firm named the Umbrella Corporation and the easily contained metropolis called Raccoon City and the deadly, zombie-creating T-Virus, Iím all over the whole chicks - kicking - ass / randomly - assembled - team - talking - smack - while - pulling - together - for - a- common - goal / nonsensical - science - providing - loopholes - through - which - absurd - plots - are - allowed - marginal - existence thing. In this area, I am a fan.

Luckily, this movie contains three heiney-stomping chicksóAlice (Jovovich), tough cop Jill (Sienna Guillory), ferocious TV reporter Terri (Sandraine Holt)óa team involving a group of interchangeable wise-crackers and a bunch of folderol about the zombie virus that allows it to make Alice and the young Angie (Sophie Vavasseur) stronger even though it turns the rest of humanity into the blood-thirsty undead.

After the zombie virus, which killed all but two characters in the first movie, is again unleashed, Alice awakes to find that Raccoon City has been quarantined and is set for complete annihilation in an attempt to hide the existence of the virus. Tough cop Jill knows the score and is ready to scram but gets trapped in the walled city and, with reporter Terri and the others, starts to search for a way out. Their search is aided by Dr. Ashford (Jared Harris) who promises to help them escape if they will find his daughter Angie and help to take her with them.

Problems in the form of zombies, some dog-like long-tongued other baddies and nemeses (a genetically-enhanced uber monster) arise. Thereís fighting and shooting and quipping and last-minute rescues. And sometimes, for no apparent reason, stuff explodes.


Resident Evil Apocalypse has all the familiar mindless-action-movie elements and uses them in the least innovative ways possible, which is too bad, really, because Iím all over a really good mindless action movie. I like to watch stuff blow up as much as the next person. Just, please, give me something worth watching in between the explosions.  

- Amy Diaz 

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