Film — Seed Of Chunky (R)

Seed Of Chunky (R)

by Amy Diaz

It’s hard to keep a family together when Dad’s an unrepentant killer, Mom’s a star-struck social climber and Junior’s an androgynous nutcase with a face like an evil clown—such is the lesson of the Seed of Chucky

This would be Chucky movie number five—for anyone who’s counting. I’m not sure what was left to be explored about the killer-doll genre. Its ability to parent—would it take its child to gymboree classes? would it be pro-spanking or con?—I guess was a big question many a Child’s Play fan needed answered.

Thanks. Thanks a lot, people that made the studios think Seed of Chucky would be profitable. It’s called fan fiction. Write some. Save the rest of us the peril of accidentally being confronted with this movie.

Glen/Glenda (Billy Boyd,) a falsetto-voiced he-she ventriloquist dummy, lives a very sad existence on the freak-show circuit in the UK. But, watching TV one day, he realized there might be other dolls out there who have their own free will and who look like they want to come alive and eat you. So he set off on a journey to Los Angeles to find Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), the supposedly killer dolls he believes may be his parents.

Arriving in the golden state, Glenda finds his parents are working on the set of the horror movie Chucky Goes Psycho with the live costar Jennifer Tilly (played with maximum squeakiness by Jennifer Tilly). After reanimating them, Glen/da and his folks begin on a convoluted plan wherein Tiffany can inhabit the body of Jennifer Tilly, Chucky can inhabit the body of Redman (also, played convincingly by Redman), who isn’t putting Tilly in his next movie but is certainly letting her think he might long enough to score with her. Their genital-less offspring they will cram into the body of Tilly’s child, a child they create when Chucky whacks off to a Fangoria magazine and Tiffany implants his sperm into an unconscious Tilly.

You know, I think underneath all the swearing and gore and needless death, Seed of Chucky is at heart a family movie. Sure, John Waters guest stars as a paparazzi who delights at what he believes are photos of a midget orgy at Tilly’s house. And, OK, Glen/da at one point looses his mind and dresses up as his mother and torches Tilly’s personal assistant with hairspray and a lighter. And, yes, Chucky and Tiffany try to give up killing for fun but ultimately neither can because they just enjoy it so gosh darn much, especially the way Tiffany does it—slicing a man open in the lower gut region and pulling out his intestines. But, you know, it’s really all about family and how hard it can be for parents to stay together and work as a team to raise their child with a firm set of values.


Naw, I’m just joshing ya. This movie’s all about cheesy, gory, Ed-Wood-bad slasher cliché. Sure, a few of the Jennifer-Tilly-is-fat-and-untalented jokes are mildly chuckle-worthy. But at its base, this movie offers not a single surprise, not one twist that doesn’t slowly churn, creaking all the way, and announce its direction with all the subtlety of a dump truck backing up. 

- Amy Diaz 

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