Boomers Squawking In A Winter Wonderland
Squawking In A Winter Wonderland

By Bruce Bressack

Enough is enough!  I'm ready for spring, and it can't come too soon.

It's all my fault.  When I left New York, I could have moved to a "warm state".

But nooooo, I had to journey "north" [to the land of icicles, snow banks, and rock salt].

On the plus side, New Hampshire's a great place to live, work, and raise a family.  And, it has four "real" seasons - three that are "totally excellent"!

The season I'm squawking about is the "other one"...better known as the:




Well, you get the picture.

You'd think that two Super Bowl wins, in three years, would entice anyone to live in New England.  It helps, somewhat.  Even a "non-sports-fanatic", like me, is "warmed" by a Patriots win.

But, on this frigid winter's day, Florida looks awfully tempting.

So heads-up Mickey!  You may see me before the last snow melts, and the Red Sox begin Spring Training for yet another "close, but no cigar", "tear our hearts out", baseball season.

Wait a minute! The Sox "broke the curse" last year...........who woulda thunk!

On second thought, why would anyone want to live anywhere else...

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