Boomers — Smile Scott, Smile...
Smile Scott, Smile...

By Bruce Bressacoriginally published on 1/08/2004

So, there I was, minding my own business, day-dreaming my life away, when I hear the booming bellow of the 'voice-over-commentator' describing the current "tribulations and machinations" of the Peterson Trial.

So, I look up, and there, on the big screen TV, is Scott Peterson, sitting next to Mark Geragos,  both of them joking and smiling, like fraternity brothers returning from a booze cruise.

So, you have to ask yourself, if my spouse and unborn son were murdered, would I ever be able to smile, joke, or laugh again? 

And, if I were innocent, charged in their deaths, in jail (with no chance of bail), and sitting in a courtroom for all the world to see, would I find anything, anything at all, "funny" about the situation?

I think not.

So, we have to give Scott "credit".  He appears to have the capacity to go on with his life as if nothing, nothing at all, is wrong.  And, he's cocky, self-assured, and smug to boot.

He's a "better man than me", that's for sure.

I'd be devastated by the loss of my family, especially if they were murdered, wrapped in a tarp, and thrown into the bay.

So, Scott, by all means, please don't lose your sense of humor.  Keep laughing.  It'll come in handy if you ever wind up in prison.

But wait.  Geragos is defending you.  Chances are you'll "walk".  Maybe that's why you're smiling?

So, Smile Scott, Smile!  And, always remember that, "a frown is a smile turned upside down".

óBruce Bressack

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