Boomers — Thanks-For-Giving

By Bruce Bressacoriginally published on 11/27/2003

You know who you are, and what you did, but did you know how much it was appreciated?

Read on, and see if you can "spot yourself", as I give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day.

  • You supported my 'change-of-life', told me to 'follow-my-dreams', and gave me a world filled with real love.
  • Simply put - you made me proud every single day!
  • When we talked, I heard your wisdom, and felt a connection to family that made the world seem calmer and brighter.
  • You told me my mother would be proud of me, and that she's smiling down on me from heaven.
  • Your favorite song is, "What a Wonderful World",  and you were always gracious and giving.
  • You left me a voicemail days before Christmas, and sang a few bars of that holiday song.  Even if I can't recall the exact title, the memory still makes me smile.
  • Even though I had never been "published", you gave me the opportunity, and the platform, to write 'from-the-heart' (without constraint).
  • Your friendship continues through all the phases, stages, and changes.....and for that, I am truly grateful and blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all......and thanks-for-giving!

—Bruce Bressack

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