Boomers — When You See A Shooting Star
When you see a Shooting Star...

By Bruce Bressack

Call me weird, but every time I see a shooting star I wish for 'World Peace'. And, I've been doing it ever since my first child was born.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes [most times!] I'm tempted to be selfish. But, somehow I catch myself 'just-in-time'.....but not before my 'right brain' conjures up images of enormously expensive, and totally unnecessary, "toys".

Not that wishing for 'World Peace' isn't selfish. I figure it this way - if people stop shooting each other, it's bound to be good for me and the people I love.

Nope, I'm not a 'Peacenik'...anymore. Nor am I against, for example, the war in Iraq (which, god willing, will end before dusk today)...

And, I don't think that I'm a liberal (or conservative) ideologue...

But, it just seems that the world would be a far, far better place if 'we all just got along'.

So, is the world ready to 'Give Peace A Chance'? [Yoko Ono]

Hard to say, but I think there's a chance if we can just keep the politics (and the politicians) 'out of it'....

....that is, until they abandon the notion that you need to drop bombs while simultaneously seeking a lasting peace. As the song goes, "There Ain't No Peace In Dying". [Joel Cage]

Don't give up quite time you see a shooting star, wish (and pray) for 'World Peace'.

Maybe God will hear you.  If nothing else, you'll feel better about yourself.


óBruce Bressack

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