Boomers — Tis The Season

Tis the season to be holier-than-thou...

By Bruce Bressack

Lift up that rock and watch 'em crawl out.  Yep, that's right, it's the official opening of the presidential debate season.

And, in true deja vu fashion, they're trotting out the same old bag of political issues (that they 'hopelessly failed to fix' the last time around).

Here's the 'short-list': Education; Health Care; Poverty; Crime; Environment; Campaign Finance Reform; Tax Policy [remember the flat tax!]

So, how are the 'rock-dwellers' and 'perk-junkies' doing these days?

Well, for starters, they're a bit more plumpish.  That comes from the 'subsidized-gourmet-food' served in the Senate Dining Room.

Now, take a look at those bright shiny faces and gleaming eyes.  That comes from the excellent, low-cost [a.k.a. subsidized] health care provided by the federal government.

They're also thrilled about the private school education that their children are receiving.  After all, it's the best that money, and influence, can buy.

And, how do they feel about crime and the environment these days?

Pretty darn good!  You'd feel the same way too if you lived in a 'gated community' (sipping 'contaminant-free' well water).

I don't mean to be harsh, but sometimes this stuff really bothers me.  Especially when these 'characters' start blaming each other for the condition we're in.  [You know something --- they just may be right!]

So, with the above in mind, here's the pledge that I think a 'real leader', who's running for president, would take:

  • I will forgo my salary until every American, who can and wants to work, has a job with a 'livable wage'.

  • I will cancel my healthcare insurance until every American is provided with affordable healthcare.

  • I will send my children to public school until every child is provided with the same, high-quality education.

  • I will not take money from anyone (private or public) to fund my election (or re-election) campaign.

  • I will donate money to the treasury to help reduce the current deficit which I created (either willingly or unknowingly).

  • I will stop playing the 'blame game', and will work tirelessly to solve (once and for all) the problems that plague America.

This person would get my vote.  No questions asked.

—Story by Bruce Bressack

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